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To ask if hypnotherapy has worked for you?

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Kangaroosjump · 21/07/2015 18:01

Or what methods (aside from medication) hve helped you or someone you know with anxiety?

OP posts:

Welshmaenad · 21/07/2015 18:03

Yes, I had about six sessions of hypnotherapy a number of years ago with an excellent practitioner and it helped my anxiety massively (was after leaving an abusive/violent relationship).


NotOneIota · 21/07/2015 18:04

I trained as a hypnotherapist,it's a really effective therapy for anxiety. Also, I hear CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) is worth looking into. Good luck!


josette · 21/07/2015 18:08

Watching with interest. How do you find a good recommended hypnotist in an area?


wizzywig · 21/07/2015 18:11

i paid £700 for a celeb hypnotherapist for weight loss hypnosis. waste of money. im gutted


cleanmyhouse · 21/07/2015 18:45

It worked really well for my anxiety. An absolute life changer. Expensive but so worth it.


fackinell · 21/07/2015 18:50

I'm getting this from an old school friend soon. Also to treat anxiety. What can I expect?


Bailey101 · 21/07/2015 18:56

I've had hypnotherapy and it didn't work for me, but I think that's because I didn't deep down want to change (giving up smoking and a phobia). I still quite enjoyed smoking and my subconscious was telling me that clowns are scary as shit and should be feared!!! It could be different if it's a problem that you truly want to fix.


Sallystyle · 21/07/2015 19:00

I had it for health anxiety.

I had to give it up because I couldn't afford it, but wouldn't mind going back again now.

I don't know what helped more to be honest. Being hypnotised or the fact that the lady was so lovely and we did a lot of talking. I think the counselling aspect of it may have helped more. It was worth it anyway.

I did learn some good coping skills.


paulapompom · 21/07/2015 19:01

It didn't work for me, Sorry, but I know people who swear by it. I had acupuncture for anxiety - massive help. And my friend had reflexology to help her relax and said it was very effective. I think it's worth a try, good luck x


whothehellknows · 21/07/2015 19:10

I've had it 12 years ago for anxiety, particularly around my driving lessons.

It did take a while for the effects to show, but it was amazing. Now I love driving and am generally more confident. Life changing stuff.


ollieplimsoles · 21/07/2015 19:14

Changed my life, and I only used a Paul Mckenna self hypnosis. I can't recommend it highly enough, now I use it at least once a month because it helps me so much.

I have just started using the Maggie Howell hypnobirth CDs too, and its already working wonders in keeping me relaxed and looking forward to the birth.


Xenadog · 21/07/2015 20:24

I've had it to help me stop grinding and clenching my teeth and it has helped so much. The quality of my life has really improved. The neck, head, shoulder and back pains which used to cripple me are still there but on a much, much lower level and I need need to go back of a few more sessions as I haven't been back since Christmas.

Anxiety is the underlying cause for my bruxism but I haven't been treated for that explicitly. I would definitely say give hypnotherapy a go but be careful about the practitioner you pick. Mine is a GP as well as a hypnotherapist and that reassured me she wouldn't be just selling me snake oil IYSWIM.


Missdread · 21/07/2015 21:16

Yep. I had CBT with hypnotherapy at London Zoo for arachnophobia. I was properly suspicious of it working but it did! The way I saw it, the phobia was so bad, it was ruling my daily life and I had to give anything a try. Go for it!


squishyeyeballs · 21/07/2015 21:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peacocklady · 21/07/2015 21:23

Yes a single hypnobirthing session followed by listening to a dc every night helped me with my anxiety about something going wrong with ds when I was pregnant. His induced delivery did end in emergency ventouse with cs on the cards but I was calm throughout.

More recently I lost a stone from 10 to 9 stone through the Paul McKenna I can make you thin app. It was effortless and changed my way with food.

Not hypnosis but a session with a life coach friend where she gave me a few tips on presenting as I am terrified of public speaking got me through an assessed presentation.


Peacocklady · 21/07/2015 21:24

Listening to a CD that's meant to say!


RiojaHaze · 21/07/2015 21:26

I had it to give up smoking. I went from 20 a day to nothing. That was 9 years ago now and I haven't had a single puff since.
I miss it, I love the smell and still think of having one after dinner etc but something stops me!


LorelaiVictoriaGilmore · 21/07/2015 21:31

Had it for post-traumatic stress disorder with a fab practitioner. Totally amazing results! Now trying it for labour... We'll see!


rebus1 · 21/07/2015 21:52

I did self hypnosis for my driving test and for the birth of DC2. Worked really well for me, I felt much more calm and in control.


MogTheForgetfulCat · 21/07/2015 22:04

I tried it for a long-standing phobia. I think it worked for a while, then there was an 'incident' with the source of my phobia (wasps) and I am pretty much back to square one, sadly Hmm.

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