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To think MIL should be proud of dh ?

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Edenviolet · 21/07/2015 13:22

Rather than having the appalling attitude she does towards me?

Our dcs have various health problems and dh has in the last year really really made a massive effort to help with everything. We share the work at night with dcs, take turns with cannula changes etc and he takes them to lots of appt etc etc etc

Ds1 is currently in hospital and dh has stayed with him, I've been looking after other dcs and going up to visit when I've been able to find someone who is trained to look after dcs, it has worked out ok

MIL has constantly phoned and text, not about how ds1 is or can she help but to tell me I should be staying with ds and "what sort of a mother doesn't stay in hospital with her child" also saying how it's unfair on dh, that he does too much etc etc

AIBU to think that actually she should be really proud of dh for doing so much and being such a good husband and father rather than having a go at me that I make him help too much?

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Edenviolet · 21/07/2015 20:14

Dh not she

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drudgetrudy · 21/07/2015 23:06

I'm usually a bit of an advocate for MILs but what a cow!
Despite all your family's health problems she sounds jealous that you and your husband have a good relationship.

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