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Threats of violence at work - WHBU to go straight to the police?

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redgoat · 18/07/2015 22:57

There is someone at my husband's work who is very unpleasant (to say the least) and has taken a real dislike to DH. He has threatened DH with violence before, saying things like he'll slash him.

He's kicked off again tonight saying he's going to "Do DH in", "Jump all over him", "Rearrange his face so he'll never be recognised again", and told DH that as he's on holiday next week, he's going to hang around and "get DH".

DH has reported this by phone to his local office. I've told him that he needs to complain in writing and that this is really enough. This guy makes everyone miserable and has been hauled over the coals before for this kind of thing.

WDHBU to go to the police too or should he give the bosses another chance to sort this first? (This has happened before, I genuinely think this guy is unstable.)

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redgoat · 19/07/2015 11:46

The police have said that it's actually something that would be placed as a high priority and would have a police come out to him to record a statement within 4 hours. Problem being that DH has to go to work in an hour so they've made an appointment to come around.

Unfortunately DH is not allowed his phone on on site (safety) so recording this guy isn't an option. There is CCTV though so if anything was to happen, it should be seen that he approached DH and not the other way around.

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SilenceOfTheSAHMs · 19/07/2015 13:04

This guy sounds utterly unhinged. Who speaks to colleagues like that, who?! I hope something can be done. An employee at DP's workplace was (Rightly so) dismissed for calling a colleague a r**d.
There is no place for such language and threats in the workplace.

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