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To wish people would stop telling posters they are "entitled to 30 mins free legal advice"

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PetraDelphiki · 17/07/2015 18:54

Because you are not. SOME law firms might offer a 30 min chat for free to try to entice you in, but there is no entitlement to anything, any more than there is an entitlement to 30 mins free haircut, or massage, or physiotherapy, or accountancy, or music lesson or ANYTHING!

A good law firm will have a chat about what you want first before you agree to engage them, but that's not the same as free legal advice!


OP posts:
Wolpertinger · 17/07/2015 20:19

I think for some women in Relationships, it encourages them so see a solictor and the initial chat helps them realise that a) they need a solicitor and their DH's amicable plan is hugely ripping them off and b) understand how it will be paid for.

So the initial chitchat doesn't constitute amazing legal advice but telling abused women who have no idea the trouble their divorce is about to screw them over and think they can't afford a solicitor to 'find one that does a free half hour' seems like a good way to get them to go and make a start.

For everything else though, it's terrible advice Grin

stripytees · 17/07/2015 21:05

People say it about counselling and psychotherapy too. "Choose a therapist who offers a free initial session."

And why exactly should a therapist work for free? First sessions are usually much more difficult than ongoing sessions with a regular patient. As you say, no one ever suggests a haircut should be free...


Familybarrister1 · 21/07/2015 19:54

No lawyer will give free advice just as no builder will or should start work on the extension for free. If you want legal advice be prepared to pay for it. Having said that I'm always willing to quote fixed fees or give estimates in the first 'free' 30 minutes.Grin

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