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AIBU to lie down on the couch and wait for dh to get home

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Sothisishowitfeels · 15/07/2015 13:26

I probably am but a bit of me hopes not.

We live in a rented house and tomorrow we have a house inspection. The house is in pretty good shape but our contract states that we must keep the garden as it was when we moved in (3 years ago) weeded and oddly keep 2 patches of herbs alive. Normally fine but I have been sick with pregnancy sickness plus for some reason any other bug going the last few months and it has only recently let up in the last few weeks.

I am 24 weeks pregnant now and my bump is huge already (probably because i already have a few children!) but I have a growth scan in a couple of weeks to check since it looks like i am about 8 months pregnant (there was mention of checking how much water there was not sure).

Anyway I have done what I can in the garden over the last few months but it is a large garden one at the front one at the back which wraps around the whole back and sides of the house. DH has done nothing to help with it other than mow it a couple of times (most of it is plants, rose bushes and other things).

We had the letter a couple of days ago about the inspection and yesterday i spent 5 + hours in the garden weeding, moved 7 wheel barrows of weeds grass etc from al the gardens and cutting back brambles which are invading from the empty house next door (the whole garden is just a huge bramble).
I actually hoed that much i snapped the metal on the hoe Shock.

Today I have woken up with the muscles down my stomach really sore, my back really sore my legs hurting and a huge bleeding cold sore on my face. Oh and when I was putting suncream on yesterday i didnt plan n my dress being loose cut and managed to seriously sun burn my boobs...(I have read hair so 5 hours in the sun on my poor boobs)

Last night my 3 year old woke up sick so i stayed up with her catching vomit.

I feel like crap. I hurt in so many places and I have been catching sick with a bucket since last night.

My dh walked out the door saying he had a really important meeting he couldnt help and If I dealt with the tidying he would paint the mark on the wall in the porch where the buggy rubbed....thanks dh.

now I have stomach pains and i am starting to feel sick.

AIBU to lie down and just wait for dh to come home to help even though he will moan hes tired after work? I will need to pick the other kids up from school but thats it.

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NatashaRomanov · 15/07/2015 13:30

You do sound like you should be resting!
Call your agency, explain you have a sick child and are not feeling well yourself, and ask them to rearrange to next week.
I'm sure that whoever is doing the inspection would rather not enter a house with vomit germs!


Sothisishowitfeels · 15/07/2015 13:31

I already tried rearranging they said they would just let themselves in with their key tomorrow since we have had notice.

OP posts:

FretYeNotAllIsShiny · 15/07/2015 13:32

God no, rest up. Sounds like you need it. Greet the inspector tomorrow with "I'm really sorry, everyone has been throwing up all night..." bit of luck they'll decide to come back later.


MoreBridgetthanRoxie · 15/07/2015 13:32

Lie down immediately and do not move until DH comes home(change his name to just H if he objects). See if you can get a friends to pick up DC and if any of them are old enough send them for chips and assorted gubbins to the takeaway.


NatashaRomanov · 15/07/2015 13:37

What about the whole 'right to quiet enjoyment' thing? Pretty sure they can only let themselves in, in an emergency.

Or, let them in, and vomit over them. They'll scarper!


Stripyhoglets · 15/07/2015 13:46

They can't let themselves in with the key whether they have given notice or not. It's not an emergency - they will be breaking the law. Repeat to them that tomorrow is not convenient. They can come next week - cheeky sods.


Pantspants · 15/07/2015 14:04

I was an estate agent in a former life. They can only enter your home with your permission regardless of what is in your tenancy agreement. You have the right to what is called quiet enjoyment. Email them saying unfortunately you need to rearrange due to sickness and you do not give them permission to enter with a key. I'd suggest email rather than phone call as it's always best to have these things in writing. Estate agents can be slippery creatures!! Hope you're all feeling better soon


Aberchips · 15/07/2015 14:10

Contact them & tell them that they cannot come today as it is not suitable. They are not entitled to just let themselves in.
Do you have enough cash to get someone in for a half day/ day to do a garden clearout for you? Many handymen/ gardeners will do this & not too expensive. At least then the garden will be back to its starting point & may be easier to keep on top of.

Hope you feel better soon.


DoJo · 15/07/2015 15:29

I agree - tell them they cannot come today and that they are no allowed to let themselves in, then leave your key in the lock so that they can't get in anyway and lie down!


Maryhadalittlespam · 15/07/2015 15:32

Bloody hell , sit down woman . You and the baby come first


RatherBeRiding · 15/07/2015 15:38

Of course YANBU! Sounds like you've done far more than your fair share already - I assume DH doesn't work evenings/weekends? And giving you only 2 or 3 days' notice about an inspection isn't really fair.

I echo emailing agency and telling them that you are going to re-arrange to a more suitable time. And find yourself a local jobbing gardener for a few hours - it won't cost that much. And tell DH he is paying!!


DextersMistress · 15/07/2015 15:38

You absolutely need to rest. Lugging wheelbarrows about and gardening for 5 hours would be hard enough without being pregnant!

Call the agents now, tell them your house has been hit by a vomiting bug and you'll have to rearrange. Then have dh get stuck in at the weekend Flowers

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