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aibu to detest my new job? survival tips, please!

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YUDOTHIS · 14/07/2015 07:12

hi all. im new in my current job (but have done variations of it for 3 or 4 yrs, toughish job). I work in telesales im a cold caller. Ive been in this job since Monday the 6th of this month and i absolutely detest it! Were a team of 3 including myself co worker 1 is an absolute arsehat that is openly committing benefit fraud, smokes dope all the time and has no fixed abode because "why should i lose quarter of my paycheck to rent?" so essentially just floats about :s . Co worker 2 is also an asshat, ish. we are from the same small area so i know of him. him and his DW have been together for about 8 yrs, 3 children the youngest is 7wks old(relevant),
last week CW2 came onto me a little bit by rubbing his hand on my leg . we were on the bench by my work building having a cigarette at the time so i threw my cig and went back in without a word, i finished an hour or so after and while i was on the train home got a text off CW2 to say he really feels something for me, thinks im funny, kind and beautiful... i just replied "Cheers. DP tells me daily!" and no more was said from CW2. last friday i felt a bit ill but continued working all day. my manager came in and asked if i wanted to go home early but i said no, my computer crashed so my manager told me i may as well go home. It was 8minutes before the shift ended. all day yesterday both co workers were taking the piss for me leaving "halfway through the day". I just calmly replied that if half of their day is only 8 minutes maybe they should get back to work on there 9 HOUR shift!
problems with co workers aside, as a cold caller i get verbally bashed every single day. this is nothing new, i get called a twat a hundred or more times a day (even though im thankful that we only call people who arent tps registered or over 60, i hate upsetting people)the thing is, ive not had a single lead since starting. not one! I generally average at 2 or 3 per day. It hate my job so much right now, i just feel so disheartened and like im going to be without a job soon if i dont sort all of this out! FYI im selling a product thats booming through telesales right now. Think PPI (not PPI but closest i can think of!) so not a surprise its hard to sell

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YUDOTHIS · 14/07/2015 07:14

its really rushed as im getting dressed, aibu to hate my job? and wibu to launch CW1 and 2 out the window!?

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pinkmagic1 · 14/07/2015 07:22

Could you look for an inbound telesales job? With your experience it should not be too dificult. I did outbound as a student and lasted around 2 weeks, it was an absolutely thankless job, constantly being told to fuck off etc. More recently I worked in an inbound call centre and it really just involved upselling the customers existing product and was much more bearable.


YUDOTHIS · 14/07/2015 07:24

inbound telesales is quite difficult to come across but I do have my feelers out!

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lilacblossomtime · 14/07/2015 07:30

The only job I ever walked straight out of with nothing to go to was a double glazing sales job, just hated doing it. I went to an employment agency and temped, could that be an option for you?


YUDOTHIS · 14/07/2015 07:33

Not an option, 2 kids to feed means I need this job and cant lose it until ive found something else (i am applying)

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TheHouseOnBellSt · 14/07/2015 09:00

God you'd be better off cleaning! I've done telesales but left quite quickly as the stress and pressure was terrible. Look for something else OP!

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