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to think this cheeky? wearing my top to the gym?

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crowsbeforehoes · 13/07/2015 22:53

So at Christmas I had moved in with my parents (temporarily as my house sale fell through) so I had all my clothes there. My sister and BIL came to stay for a night over Christmas too.

BIL forgot a top to sleep in so I lent him a t-shirt. He took it with him to wash and give back to me.

Since then I've moved into a new house and changed jobs. I stayed at my sisters over the weekend to babysit for her, when BIL came back from the gym I noticed that he was wearing the t-shirt.

He just sort of laughed when I mentioned it and said he wears it to the gym all the time.

Aibu to think this is really cheeky? To borrow someone clothing and then wear them to the gym with no intention of ever returning it.

OP posts:

ColdCottage · 13/07/2015 22:56

Yes, very rude.


kali110 · 13/07/2015 23:07

Very cheeky! Id ask for it back there and then! If he refused id just take it. ( or take one of his, see how he likes it!)


snowglobemouse · 14/07/2015 00:01



Fatmomma99 · 14/07/2015 00:47

depends on the t-shirt.

Did it look fabulous on you?

Is it one your brought at a concert, or is a primark cheapie?


CorporationPop · 14/07/2015 00:55

It doesn't matter if its one of your favourite tshirts, or just a cheap plain one. He should have given it straight back to you. Soo rude.

I have had friends do the same thing to me, most recently it was a sleeping bag that I lent out for a weekend. I finally got it back, a month later, stinking of fags and covered in dog hair. Never again.


Yellowbird01 · 14/07/2015 00:57

God that is cheeky and shameless!


ReginaBlitz · 14/07/2015 01:02

Cheeky fucker! As if you would want it back now sweated up to fuck, I would boz one of his..and next time you see him wear it and tell him you've been shagging in it Grin

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