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to ask for a 'proper' preschool class photo

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MrsFifty2 · 13/07/2015 21:08

It's DS' last week at preschool, and DD's class 2 years ago had a nice group photo. We were given a letter with the date for that. This year I wasn't told it was being taken and several of his friends were missing that day (holiday, or just weren't aware it was photo day and that they could take their DCs in for it). It's also taken outside, amateur-looking, some kids are in a dark patch of shade and others are half-hidden by other kids. I asked preschool to arrange another photo, indoors with kids in proper rows, which they begrudgingly agreed to (if we pay £11 each upfront, without seeing a proof). I would prefer to take my own decent camera in and take the photo myself, but preschool say only staff and photographers are allowed to take shots of the kids. According to info I can find online, data protection doesn't apply to photos for private family use, for groups of kids at school/sports clubs etc, and I can't find preschool's policy on their website. Should I push it? I understand some parents are nervous about photos on social media etc, but I'm quite emotional about DS going off to school and want a nice memento of him and his friends at preschool (like DD has). What's the general consensus about privacy re. class photos? Thanks

OP posts:

msgrinch · 13/07/2015 21:11

They've taken a photo, offered to take another photo and yet this still isn't enough? yabu. It's preschool not graduation day. I wouldn't want someone else taking a picture of my dc when they already have professional ones done. It's just so unnecessary.


sharonthewaspandthewineywall · 13/07/2015 21:13

YAB ridiculously precious


HagOtheNorth · 13/07/2015 21:15

Invite them to a leaving party at your house and have a group photo shoot for all.
Schools take child protection issues even more seriously than you take graduation photos, so they won't let you just snap away.


Losingmyreligion · 13/07/2015 21:17

Oh my god, yes YADefinitelyBU.


MrsFifty2 · 13/07/2015 21:17

Don't you think parents should have been told of the original photo date so everyone was included? Leaving out half the class is unfair. And yes, it's preschool not uni graduation but it's still been an important stage in his life.

OP posts:

Kamden · 13/07/2015 21:17

Sounds like a lot of angst over a pre-school photo.


Littlefish · 13/07/2015 21:18

I am a nursery teacher. There is no way we would allow a parent to take a photo in the way you suggest.

They have offered you two different options.

Why don't you arrange a party or picnic for his friends and take some relaxed, informal photos as a momento.


msgrinch · 13/07/2015 21:21

ds preschool photo is festering in the attic along with his primary ones. He couldn't give a flying crap about it. maybe they should have told you all the date, ds school doesn't give us photo dates now they just go to school. and it's picture day but they've offered an alternative so the problem is solved.


MrsFifty2 · 13/07/2015 21:21

Ok. As I said, I'm extra emotional this week over him leaving and starting school, so it's good to get other opinions.

OP posts:

cate16 · 13/07/2015 21:22

We (as in us amateurs) take a group photo for each session and one picture is put in the child's book. Which means as not all children attend every day- that variety of children are in each picture.

It's preschool.


kslatts · 13/07/2015 21:22

YABU, they have offered to arrange for the photo to be taken again at a busy time of year and you are still not happy.


wigglesrock · 13/07/2015 21:22

But some parents aren't going to be as bothered about a photo as you are, I know I'm not. My youngest left nursery school a few weeks ago (NI). I certainly wouldn't make more of an effort to send mine in, pay upfront for a photo I didn't want just because a parent was unhappy with the quality of photo that had been already taken. Tbh if I was informed that a parent was coming in to take a class photo I wouldn't be making that huge of an effort to send my child in, what are you going to do if the kids you want in the photo aren't in that day either?

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