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Putting the kitchen clock forward to trick the little buggers into going to bed early

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howtodrainyourflagon · 10/07/2015 19:51

They're tired, I'm tired. Put the clock 45 minutes ahead so they thought it was 8.15 when it was only 7.30. Both dc now settled in bed. Several bedtimes this week have been past 9 due to procrastination and general larking around.

Please tell me that conning my DVDs in this way is within the realms of acceptable parenting.

OP posts:

Quills · 10/07/2015 19:52

YANBU at all. Make the most of it before they get wise to your tricks!


Velociraptor · 10/07/2015 19:52

I think that's a genius idea! I wish I'd thought of it!


SpottyTeacakes · 10/07/2015 19:54

We do this when we're going on holiday early in the morning and need to dc to go to bed early ????????


Chillyegg · 10/07/2015 19:55

Im impressed your DVDS can tell the time Wink


FenellaFellorick · 10/07/2015 19:56

I used to do this.

I was gutted when they started checking the tv to see what time it was. Gutted I tell you.


MiaowTheCat · 10/07/2015 20:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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