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To ask if DC could go into school on the INSET day?

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KneeHighScooterBruises · 09/07/2015 19:31

My SIL is really unwell so this is partly from her and partly from me (I have my DNs most of the time just now).

DN starts P1 on a Thursday. She missed the induction day due to SIL's health so she hasn't seen the classroom or met the teacher.

We have to go and pick up her uniform on the INSET days on the Tuesday and Wednesday. Would it be super unreasonable to ask to have a quick peek in the room and see it before Thursday? Would that achieve anything? She's a bit nervous.

OP posts:

PotteringAlong · 09/07/2015 19:33

Not unreasonable. As long as you're not there for hours it should be fine.


thobblywighs · 09/07/2015 19:34

Teacher here. I'd have absolutely no problem with a new pupil popping in for a look round and a quick chat before term started and have done this for new pupils in the past. However, phone and check first as sometimes, training is done offsite, for example a few schools sometimes come together for a particular type of training at one of the schools.


KneeHighScooterBruises · 09/07/2015 19:36

Oh no, definitely won't be there for hours! Ideally SIL would be able to come, but she gets tired very quickly.

Would it be alright to phone on the Monday or Tuesday, or should we try just now?

OP posts:

pollyisnotputtingthekettleon · 09/07/2015 19:38

Is it your last school day tomorrow? No harm in asking,


thobblywighs · 09/07/2015 19:38

Ring now and ask if they can put it in the diary. That way, someone will be expecting you.


Wolfiefan · 09/07/2015 19:40

Ha I thought you meant childcare. (I've got to work so can I send my kid to school?!)
Absolutely ask. If you ask in advance you can be told a time the teacher may be free.


KneeHighScooterBruises · 09/07/2015 19:41

No, we're in Scotland! Finished at the end of June.

I will phone at the beginning of August, I think, and see if anyone is in then. If not I'll phone on the Monday and Tuesday. Thank you Flowers

OP posts:

KneeHighScooterBruises · 09/07/2015 19:41

Ha I thought you meant childcare.

Grin I wish!

OP posts:

msgrinch · 09/07/2015 19:44

Thanks for you and sil.


turdfairynomore · 09/07/2015 19:45

I've taught P1 for a very long time and happily accommodate this type of thing almost every year. I'd suggest that you phone and say that this is what you'd like to do and is there a time that would suit best as I know I'm usually in a meeting on INSET days (the days of getting the time to set up your room have long gone!) so would either try to arrange it over break or lunch time or else I'd ask the caretaker/ secretary/ classroom assistant to com and get me. Keep in mind though that for a nervous child it can be a bit "full on" to be "in the spotlight" with the teacher like this, so I know that I try to take things slowly and focus on the adult as much as the child until I see them start to relax a little! And I ask very few questions of a nervy wee one-I ask the grown ups those! I tend to comment more "I love your sandals, they're a great colour/ that's my son's favourite colour/ he used to be in this class a long time ago/ he's at home with my dog today/she comes to visit our class" etc-a spiel of never ending drivel! So if the teacher does this, she's not REALLY self obsessed! Honest!!


CakeNinja · 09/07/2015 19:46

Oh of course! I too thought you meant for childcare purposes Grin I was going to tell you not to be a cheeky caaaahhh!
What age is P1?
Providing there is someone there I'd say it was absolutely fine, and staff should be keen to put him at ease as he hasn't been able to get there before.
Hope he settles in well. My dd moves up to her senior school in September and she's excited and a bit nervous - the school is huge! Staff have been amazing at encouraging them to come to as many open days and evenings a possible to help the transition to run smoothly.


toobusytothink · 09/07/2015 19:46

Another teacher here. We allow all new starters in whichever year to come in the day before term starts and we give them a quick tour of the school and show them where to come in the morning. Want them to feel happy about starting. As others have said, just let someone know and I'm sure they'll be very happy for you to pop in ( just don't stay too long as they will have lots to get ready ...!)


Wolfiefan · 09/07/2015 19:47

Turdfairy you sound really lovely!! Not drivel at all.


KneeHighScooterBruises · 09/07/2015 19:49

P1 is 4-5.

Thanks everyone for being so kind Flowers Hopefully SIL will be able to go along with her and I can find something urgent to stare at on the reception notice board instead, but it definitely won't be long.

She keeps packing her bag and saying 'is it today morning?' Grin

OP posts:

LindyHemming · 09/07/2015 20:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

turdfairynomore · 09/07/2015 20:33

Thank you Wolfiefan! I like what I do! (And not just the July and August bits! Honest!) I love getting to know the wee ones that I teach and building relationships with them-and their families. I'm biased but I think that it's a bond that's sometimes not repeated until they are in 6th form? And I'm very aware that I am being entrusted with a parent's most precious "possession"- that's a very special position to be in. I'd be lying if I said that I love every aspect of the job-far from it! The paperwork/evidence/planning etc are mind blowing and I'm LitCo, DDT, head of FS&KS1/SLT etc etc as well! But the teaching.....I love it! There are days I could run for the hills-but when I'm reading a story, quietly, quietly drawing them in and I cast my eyes over the 30+ little faces (mostly all!) waiting to hear what happens's like being on stage with a rapturous audience!! I had a new little boy arrive towards the end of term and after a day or two he stood up at the end of story time to go back to his seat, then came back towards me, eyeballed me and said "You AWESOME! You tell stories better than my grandad AND you hugged me when I fell at break time!" Stories and hugs. It's what it's all about!

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