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Tobacco companies=drug pushers

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EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs · 09/07/2015 18:42

All these pro & anti-smoking threads around at the moment - shouldn't we all actually getting pissed off with the sick twats who make all their profits by getting people hooked on lethal drugs? How can people who work for tobacco companies sleep at night?

OP posts:

19lottie82 · 09/07/2015 18:46

What about the people who sell alcohol, or sugar? Or


hiddenhome · 09/07/2015 19:16

Don't be daft. Anything can be addictive.


Teabagbeforemilk · 09/07/2015 19:43

And bookies and bingo halls and casinos and fast food places and off licenses and pubs and bars and restaurants and supermarkets??? I am sure there are more places we could ban


MrsGentlyBenevolent · 09/07/2015 19:51

How can all those horrid tea and coffee pickers sleep at night, knowing they collect caffeine that could cause people harm? Or anyone who brews alcohol?

On a similar note, I'm lactose intolerant, can someone please do something about evil cows? I yelled at one the other day, but the smug bastard just stood there Angry.


TrollTheRespawnJeremy · 09/07/2015 20:02

I'm intolerant to carrots. Somebody help me start a lobby against them.


londonrach · 09/07/2015 20:05

Adding to mrs gently not op here. as a ibs struggler can i say rye bread and brown bread is evil. Bread smells so nice and tastes so good but these two are evil, resulting with me crawling up stairs in hope of finding a toilet. Can i add them. As a hpc i do agree re the cigarettes but thats someone personal choice re damaging themself.


EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs · 09/07/2015 20:21

Ok, yes, there's loads of bad stuff and a lot of them may well be as cynical as the tobacco companies.

OP posts:

ComposHatComesBack · 09/07/2015 20:23

The term 'drug pusher' is a complete misnomer. Very little if any pushing is required. Prople buy legsl and illrgal drugs, just like anything else because they want to. There can't be anyone who started smoking in the past 50 years who isn't aware thst it is dangerous, so like people who take illegal drugs should take responsibility for their actions.

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