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Tesco on Line

9 replies

saveforthat · 08/07/2015 18:55

Tesco are being unreasonable. Minimum spend going up to £40 from 23 July

OP posts:

ChuffinAda · 08/07/2015 18:56

I wouldn't be surprised if tests went bust soon

Store closures and funky pricing sounds like they're in trouble to me


SoupDragon · 08/07/2015 18:57

And that is unreasonable why exactly?


saveforthat · 08/07/2015 19:13

Its unreasonable because I dont want to spend £40 but still want my shopping delivered

OP posts:

Discopanda · 08/07/2015 19:26

Apparently the cost of customer's groceries being picked, packed and delivered costs the various supermarkets lots, Asda charge a small fee if you spend under £25


BabCNesbitt · 08/07/2015 19:31

Tesco already charged a £4 fee if basket was under £25.


DoJo · 08/07/2015 19:43

Well, presumably the alternative is charging more for the delivery slots or restricting the service to make it more affordable for them. It's hardly unreasonable for them to want the service to be profitable even if it is less convenient for you. Could you not work out a a system whereby you stock up on certain item (loo roll, tinned stuff etc) in each shop so that you bump up your spend without actually buying more?


Minisoksmakehardwork · 08/07/2015 21:44

Yanbu. I have shopped online with them for a long time. Since the old £40 minimum spend. And the £25 one was much, much better for us as I then shopped online twice a week, keeping fresh food in.

I'm actually considering cancelling my delivery saver as a result because I don't see, even with me having paid half price for a year up front, how I'm going to maintain value for money from it. It's going to end up costing me a lot more than I can afford to spend.

I guess it's all about getting people to spend more. But at the moment I think there are very few people (certainly where I am) who can afford to nearly double their shopping bill or afford to waste £4 plus a delivery charge for under spending. My understanding is if I don't meet the minimum spend for my delivery saver, I also have to pay the delivery charge. So that can be an extra £10 for absolutely nothing.


wowfudge · 08/07/2015 21:50

I'm guessing Tesco can't cover the cost anymore given the issues they've had. From what I understand, online shopping doesn't make money for the supermarkets so it's perhaps not surprising. We could have a feast on £40 in Aldi. Takes me 15 minutes to whip round there.


Topseyt · 08/07/2015 21:59

Weekly shop for a minimum of 4 people, and 5 at the moment because of uni holidays means a weekly shop of more than £40 anyway, so not an issue for me. I guess it would be if I were just shopping for myself though.

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