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Desserts on a stick?

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AuntyBatshit · 07/07/2015 20:36

Posted this in the Food and Recipes section, but thought I'd try here too, for traffic.

Ok, so we and another family are doing a "Come Dine With Me" thing in August for a laugh. Both families of 4, so one adult with one DC to each team. I've been lumbered with dessert! Now, everyone in the group will expect me to do something "off the wall". I've come up with the idea of doing a trio "lollipop" desert. Chocolate brownies is one, and I'm toying with the idea of a cheesecake one. Any ideas? Eggless would be an advantage as I'd really like to eat it with them!


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snowaccidentprone · 07/07/2015 20:40

What about desert kebabs?

You could use bamboo skewers and thread on various sponges ie brownies, lemon drizzle etc and maybe intersperse them with fruit?

Or make a draught board using squares of white and dark brownies, with little cookies as the counters?


Salmiak · 07/07/2015 20:41

Ice lollies, fruit rainbow kebabs with some chocolate dipping sauce, toasted marshmallows, chocolate fountain, fondu,


AuntyBatshit · 07/07/2015 20:48

Love the idea of fruit kebabs. Any idea how I could get cheesecake on a stick in a "cake pop" kind of look?

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Fatmomma99 · 07/07/2015 20:55

just make a cheesecake (the oven baked, not fridge kind) and cut it into cubes.

Great ideas here.

Can I come?


Lurkedforever1 · 07/07/2015 21:03

If you did a chocolate cheesecake you could make chocolate cake cases, or better still the truffle size ones, and assemble the cheesecake inside that, served on top of some form of edible stick, either mikados or the conical ice cream decoration ones or a flake depending which size choc cake case it's got to hold up.


AtAt · 07/07/2015 21:06

If you do fruit kebabs, maybe use a chocolate mikado biscuit to put the fruit onto? Very popular in my slimming world group Grin


swooosh · 07/07/2015 21:07

You can do cheesecake in push pop cases.


AuntyBatshit · 07/07/2015 21:08

fatmomma of course you can come... Will whatsapp you afterwards and charge you £5 (shamelessly referencing another thread I'm following there Grin ) So you think its possible to get them all into balls?

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Fatmomma99 · 07/07/2015 21:12

I know that thread, AuntyBat (isn't it fabulous!). I'd pay you a fiver if you served me that AND bring you wine and flowers. In fact, have some now Wine Flowers

Will PM you my address so you can send me an invitation!


AuntyBatshit · 07/07/2015 21:22

Ha ha fatmomma if you bring a +1 don't forget to make sure she's a singer...and leave her phone number so I can invoice her in the week! So, fiver a ball then.. Grin

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