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To ask for your cheek filler experiences?

12 replies

Ghostlife · 07/07/2015 17:31

What results did you get? Was it worth it?

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Fatstacks · 07/07/2015 17:33

Watching with interest!
Been for a haircut today and my hairdresser has had hers done since I last saw her.
Not cheeks marionette lines though.


Ghostlife · 07/07/2015 17:34

Was she happy?

OP posts:

Fatstacks · 07/07/2015 17:35

Yeah she loves it and it looks great.

I'm convincing myself to do mine before they get worse.


AngularMurky · 07/07/2015 23:31

Try posting in Style & Beauty - might get more responses.


PagingDrFaggot · 07/07/2015 23:47

I use juvederm voluma done by one of the docs I work with or my friend who is an aesthetic nurse . It's marvellous stuff makes an absolute transformation to my face . You need a very experienced injector less is more or you can look hamstery and be warned you will very likely bruise but it's totally worth it . I'm very slim with little body fat and the older I get the more my face looses volume which makes me look dreadful .Ask for pics of the practitioners work before letting them loose on you though


suntzu123 · 08/07/2015 17:23

I've been having sculptra for 5 years, and it has done wonders for my confidence. I hit 30 and lost 3 stone which left me with flat cheeks. Did a lot of research and went for it! It took three treatments initially, and I have yearly top ups. People tell me how 'beautiful' I look (never did before!), but no one appears to have noticed I've had anything done. It does bruise though, sometimes barely, other times quite badly, but it's definitely worth a few days of concealer/timing the appointments for when you can hide for a few days.


Ghostlife · 08/07/2015 23:05

Thanks so much. I have found someone after a long search. A bit worried about the bruising though as I will have to go into work the next day. Would concealer and/or glasses hide the bruises?

OP posts:

suntzu123 · 09/07/2015 06:22

Usually yes, but I have had one really bad occasion. The advice they give is don't drink alcohol, smoke or use a sunbed for a few days beforehand to improve the chances of not bruising.


KJL193 · 22/12/2015 13:31

I've had Juvaderm at Tracy Mountford's Cosmetic Skin Clinic
I went there because they are conservative, but they have underfilled to the point that nobody, not even my husband has noticed any difference
They are now suggesting Sculptra - another £1, 500 at least. I am really disappointed that they didn't suggest this in the first place. They are supposed to be the expert and advise on what will make the most difference to you. Also, I am still waiting for my before photos which they did not show at follow up. Has anyone else had a bad experience with Tracy Mountford? Also what do people think of Sculptra? I'm happy to wait for the results of Sculptra but have read reviews on RealSelf etc where people complain about no results after several treamtments over many months - and it's expensive! Any insights much appreciated!


OnlyHereForTheCamping · 22/12/2015 14:16

Stop it!


FeralBeryl · 22/12/2015 14:20

Cheeks are AMAZING Grin
There are different types of filler for this area, but you need a thicker, more viscous version as the mid face will simply swallow up the lighter ones.
Look for a practitioner that uses a cannula for cheeks, the placement is far more natural and a lower volume is required.
I have had fabulous results with one called Ellanse. It's available in 3 versions, lasting from 1 year to 3. Fillers work by either plumping the tissues with hyaluronic acid (juvederm etc) or bio stimulants that encourage the body to regenerate supplies of collagen. (Radiesse, Ellanse, sculptra)
The thing to bear in mind is that the latter are not reversible, so it is essential to do your research when choosing a clinic.


hellsbellsmelons · 22/12/2015 14:24

I was a 'model' once for the company I worked for.
I had a bit of cheek filler done by an expert and a touch of botox in my forehead.
I didn't feel a thing. I was more than happy with the results.
Very subtle and I had absolutely no bruising at all.
Fillers, unlike Botox, can be reversed if you are unhappy with the results.
I don't think I know anyone who wasn't happy though.
Juvederm is the way to go (bit biased though)

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