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child left home alone when sick

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MayPolist · 06/07/2015 22:38

... or so my DDS school report says.There is an attendance sheet with 'comments' and one of the comments says 'xxx on her own at home whilst off sick' She absolutely was not left home alone (she is 10.5) she was left with an 18 yr old sibling.
I am very annoyed thios is on her records.How hav they come to this decision.What can i do about this misinformation?I can prove adullt sibling was off school on a study day.

OP posts:

BackforGood · 06/07/2015 22:41

I don't understand why that would be on a report, even if they had noted it - presumably as she had mentioned something about her Mum/Dad not being there for some reason when she went back - .
I would go and ask them why it's on a report form, and, why they didn't mention it at the time if they had concerns.


Topseyt · 06/07/2015 22:47

I did what you did and left my 10 year old occasionally with her 18 year old sister.

Ask the school how that has come about. Perhaps your DD said to them that her mum was not there, but didn't say that her 18 year old sister was. So they just assumed (obviously wrongly) that she was left home alone.

Tell them it didn't happen, you don't like seeing inaccuracies on record and would like it to be corrected.


littlejohnnydory · 06/07/2015 22:48

You need to talk to the school. Personally I would put it in writing to the Head, so there can be no misunderstanding and it is on her school records, that she was in the care of a sibling who is legally an adult.


Wolfiefan · 06/07/2015 22:52

What an odd comment! Surely if they had concerns then they should have contacted you. Any chance someone from school called and either 10 year old said you weren't there (so they thought she was alone) or 18 year old had popped out (so she was alone)?

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