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AIBU to just bin my baby items?

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YUDOTHIS · 30/06/2015 18:30

Hiya, I've got a load of toys and items big and small (pram, moses basket clothes etc) from when dd (14 months now) was a newborn. I tried to sell them as a bundle for only 40 quid (everything is in excellent condition- I swear!) but got no interest after a couple of weeks so yesterday decided to pop them up on my local freecycle group, I got a few pictures of the bigger items and put a post up detailing all specifics and that it needed to be collected in one go (its quite a bit of stuff but easily fits in a small car). Throughout the day i've checked facebook and MN while at work as i have regular breaks.
I've had comments and inboxed messages such as the following.
"Hi is this still available if so send me pics of every item and your address and i'll collect now"
"Hi can I come and view please"
"what brand is the travel system i want to value it, thanks"
"I'm interested but only in the pram/monitor/moses basket" etc...
AIBU to either bin it or wait and give it away to a pregnant friend when one crops up?
PS- The group im on has a policy which means you leave the post up for x amount of time, people ask to be considered and then you do a prize draw out of x amount of names, thats why i find it rude when people are very forward with collection immediately. I don't want to sell/give away separately as i did when getting rid of DS's baby things (hes 5 now and i got rid when he was an older baby) and it became manic, people got confused over what they were/were not having, I had people in and out of my home all hours of the day collecting bits and pieces. I don't want that again. PS (Again) keeping the stuff longterm is not an option. Me, DS, DD and DH are in a one bedroom place with a second living room (So me and DH get the living room, DC's get the bedroom) and the house is very crowded hence needing to downsize to smaller items and get rid of stuff asap.

OP posts:

GloGirl · 30/06/2015 18:32

Don't bin. Charity shop or lookaround for local refuges and other charities that will distribute them to Mums who will appreciate them.


YUDOTHIS · 30/06/2015 18:33

GloGirl, Good idea I hadn't actually thought of that. I'll ring around some shops tomorrow, some wont take second hand baby stuff due to car seat wear etc. Even if they only take half of it it'll be ok!

OP posts:

Shakshuka · 30/06/2015 18:33

Have a garage sale or give to charity?


chippednailvarnish · 30/06/2015 18:34

Charity shop, I just can't be bothered with the scammers on freecycle and alike.


DoJo · 30/06/2015 18:35

Could you not donate it to charity - I know that usually Women's Aid shelters are crying out for things like this as the women who come to them have often fled with nothing. Or Stripey Stork? Binning them seems a shame as I'm sure someone in more desperate need than those being demanding on Freecycle would really appreciate them...


greenhill · 30/06/2015 18:36

That sounds frustrating. Do you have access to a garden to put big items on the street with a FREE sign on it?


Daffodilliesanddaisies · 30/06/2015 18:37

I would have bought it off you if you lived close but I bought a similar bundle on eBay yesterday for £80. Have you tried eBay?


serenmoon · 30/06/2015 18:37

This is why I give everything to charity instead of messing about with grabby people on selling pages/free cycle. It's too much hassle, so much easier to give it to a charity that really appreciates it. Do you have a women's refuge near you? Or ask your local council if they know of any charities or groups that would like the stuff.


YUDOTHIS · 30/06/2015 18:39

Dojo, I don't want to actually bin them (Such a waste!) but am getting frustrated as they're clogging up the kitchen/my "Bedroom", its really annoying! We don't have a garden unfortunately but I will call womens aid and the local charity shops in the area to see if they're in need of such items, thank you all! x

OP posts:

Pengweng · 30/06/2015 18:43

Try your local NCT group. Ours runs a scheme for vulnerable women in the local community and makes up baby bundles (moses baskets, clothes, nappies, toys and toiletries etc) and i'm sure they would be very happy to have them. The only thing i know they can't accept is car seats but prams etc gladly accepted.


Peasntings · 30/06/2015 18:45

Just wanted to say also call your local hospital paediatric unit. I know ours could use things like change mats, baby baths etc as they provide them to patients when in hospital. We had to use a pink change mat for our ds, which the staff apologised about, which of course we couldn't have cared less about!


Hardtoknow · 30/06/2015 18:45

Give your health visitor a ring. She will probably know of a family who would appreciate it or the best charity to donate it to.


TheHumanSatsuma · 30/06/2015 19:02

Definitely ask your health visitor or similar, I gave a lot of my stuff to a lovely couple who my health visitor contacted, they were only 15 and really needed those things.


froggyjump · 30/06/2015 19:55

see if you have a charity like this anywhere near you, they take all sorts of stuff and pass it on to needy families


AntiHop · 30/06/2015 20:00

I've given stuff to a local refuge. Also British heart foundation will come and pick stuff up from your home to sell in their shops.


ASettlerOfCatan · 30/06/2015 20:03

Charity shop or womens refuge will take them (except maybe car seat)


BlacknWhitePanda · 30/06/2015 20:07

We recently had a health visitor collecting stuff for young mums who had nothing. Most of ds's stuff went there


crazykat · 30/06/2015 20:09

I'd try women's aid, charity shop (some will collect), health visitor or surestart centre. Possibly even your local food Bank as they'll be in contact with families who may need baby things but unable to afford them.


LibrariesGaveUsPower · 30/06/2015 20:10

If by any chance you are Gloucestershire I know a charity. Smile


WeSailTonightForSingapore · 30/06/2015 20:12

Also - you can ask your HV about local groups and projects (I.e. In addition to actual charity shops and national charities). I did this when I had loads of unopened packs of nappies that DS grew out of, unopened packs of maternity pads, As well as assorted baby stuff. HV pointed me in the direction of a local project that helps families and parents and they told me that they need all kinds of items as they have people turning up for help, with literally nothing. I was worried my items were too random (bottles, bibs, unopened packs of breast pads) but the project said they can use virtually anything as someone will be needing it.


lagirafe · 30/06/2015 20:13

Please please please give the stuff to a refuge or phone your HV or Sure Start centre!!!!!!!!! :)
Your karma will be sorted for a while Grin


Phineyj · 30/06/2015 20:14

Is there a giveaway thread on Mumsnet? I gave some things to a young mum who posted on here - it was more straightforward than Freecycle, for sure (the hours I've wasted waiting in for people who don't arrive...)

The other people who like things are new grans, as they can then duplicate things for when DGC comes to visit. You need a new gran with a nice large attic!


contractor6 · 30/06/2015 20:30

I like the women's refuge idea, think id do that when getting rid.


TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos · 30/06/2015 20:36

A Food Bank in my city has a "Baby Bank" attached, which takes quite a few items for redistribution.


Charleybarley · 30/06/2015 20:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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