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To not like DS, 5, being kissed on the lips.

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Whatagirltodo · 29/06/2015 13:24


Had to name change for this.

Anyway, for the past couple of weeks, I noticed a change in DS behaviour. He has started to become more affectionate, he will randomly at times try to kiss me on the lips.

This is sweet, but it is not DS usual behaviour, infact he hates it when I try (or anyone) to kiss him on the lips. So I did get a bit worried as DS is not able to tell me what is going on whilst his at school. Plus, he has a very severe speech and language disorder and has an understanding of a two year old.

I brushed this off anyway.

It was not until last week, when I collected DS from school, that a classmate of his kissed him on the lips.

To be totally honest, I did not like this at all. This kissing had to be going on for some while for DS to accept this, as I said previously that he despises being kissed on the lips. The teacher saw this and laughed about it.

Due to DS special needs, I do have this added pressure (on my part) to teach him social boundaries (because of his difficulties) and I do not want to be taken advantage of by the other kids (I don't think this is going on at the moment).

I was fuming (in my head) and I did kindly tell the teacher that could they discourage this kissing going on between DS and his classmate.

Am I overreacting? AIBU to voice my concerns with DS teacher?

I am very protective over DS, which is something I need to address...

OP posts:

ASettlerOfCatan · 29/06/2015 13:27

It is always actively discouraged in my dcs school. I would have a word with the teacher and explain your concerns. It isn't necessary at all.


ASettlerOfCatan · 29/06/2015 13:28

The kissing isn't necessary that is. No need for it. They don't understand at that age regardless.


bunnysmummy · 29/06/2015 13:32

I don't think kissing on the lips with his school friends is a problem. I have a DD aged 5 and it wouldn't bother me if she kissed her friends, male or female. Kissing is natural human act of affection. That he has learnt to do this and enjoy it with his friend and now does it with you is a good thing, no? If he started trying to kiss everyone he met, that would be an issue.


Whatagirltodo · 29/06/2015 13:35

I think in my case bunny.. due to my son's special needs, he does not have the automatic understanding of social rules. So, if this behaviour is not discouraged now, believe it or not, by the age of 13 he will be randomly trying to kiss people on the lips.

OP posts:

bunnysmummy · 29/06/2015 16:06

yes I can see that, other 5 year olds will 'grow out of it', he may find that harder.
I was thinking of it from a perspective of 'what is in the realms of normal behaviour for 5 year old', and whilst it's not what all kids are doing, it's not abnormal. However if you do feel he won't be able to learn when it is and isn't ok, you may be better off putting the brakes on.
You mentioned you were fuming, do you still feel angry about it?

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