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to aim to lose a stone in 5 weeks ??!!

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Alfiedoggy · 28/06/2015 19:20

Currently 10st8....5ft4....size 12....used to be at least a stone smaller Sad ...going on hols in 5 weeks. Help me ! How am I going to lose a stone so I don't look like a lard arse on beach Cake !!!!!!!

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GrumpyOldBiddy2 · 28/06/2015 19:23

VGB app.


Alfiedoggy · 28/06/2015 19:24

What's that ?x

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nameschanger · 28/06/2015 19:27

Yes. You can do it. Diet and exercise! I will join you exactly the same weight and 1 inch shorter!


Grittzio · 28/06/2015 19:27

1 stone lost with slimming world here, I was similar weight to you, found it really difficult to shift, have another half stone to go.


Alfiedoggy · 28/06/2015 19:28

Ok let's do it together!!! I need motivation Hmm !!!

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Wideopenspace · 28/06/2015 19:29

You can't. Size 12 is hardly lard arse...and even if you were 'a lard arse' why would you care!

Having said that, I would do the following:

Eat sensible small potions, with a high proportion of veg/fruit.
Cut out processed food
Drink stupid amounts of water
Exfoliate like a bastard and slap on some Dove Healthy Glow shite
Get a pedicure (seriously, it'll make you feel brilliant)
Spend 20 mins a day dancing in the nude
Invest in Good Sandals
Buy some great books
Have a lovely holiday



Alfiedoggy · 28/06/2015 19:30

Wide open space. . Can u be my friend Smile you sound lovely !! Xxx

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lavendersgreen · 28/06/2015 19:31

Yes, following a very low carb diet and walking an hour every day has given me a weight loss of 17lbs in 4 weeks.

(Started at 11st 3lb and now 10st).

Good luck.


Alfiedoggy · 28/06/2015 19:32

Wow !!!! Lavender please could you give me an idea of a daily menu you might eat that sounds amazing! Well done!!!

OP posts:

Ledkr · 28/06/2015 19:33

Oh I might join in.
I've got only three weeks I think so half a stone would be good.
I've just spent ages preparing my lunch for work plus healthy snacks, what a bloody faff!
I realised that if I can shift a bit ill have more nice hokiday clothes to fit into and will save extra shopping and expense.


Wideopenspace · 28/06/2015 19:33


msgrinch · 28/06/2015 19:34

You're not a lard arse! I'm sure you look fabulous, don't put yourself down. I'm sure you can do it if you want but don't pressure yourself and make yourself ill Thanks


SaucyJack · 28/06/2015 19:35

Easily done if you don't mind crash dieting and you only need to keep it off for a week,

You'll need to watch what you eat on holiday as well tho or it'll go straight back on by Tuesday.

Good luck!


PushAPushPop · 28/06/2015 19:38

OP i'm 5'4 also and 12st 1Sad

Two years ago I was 10.5 which I was size 10-12 and happy and fit.

Today online, I bought some Alli tabletsBlush I hope they help me to stay away from fatty food due to the horrific side effects I really dont want to shit myself at my ds's playgroup


TheCowThatLaughs · 28/06/2015 19:41

You could do low carb high fat, there's a low carb bootcamp may 2015 thread on here that'll help you with it. I've lost 8lb this week, but you have to stick to it.


GrumpyOldBiddy2 · 28/06/2015 19:42

Sorry, virtual gastric band hypnosis app. You don't have to do the gastric band bit but it will genuinely change the way you think about food and eat!


987flowers · 28/06/2015 19:47

I can lose half a stone in a week by cutting out bread, moving more and stopping snacking so yes easily done if it would mans you feel better!


PoptartPoptart · 28/06/2015 19:51

You can lose a stone easily in that time on a VLCD plan, Cambridge, Exante, Slim & Save ect. Not that I'm recommending it particularly, just saying


albertcampionscat · 28/06/2015 19:54

Um. Perfectly possible to lose it, but you'll put it on again and more. Dieting is rarely a good idea, and certainly not when you're nowhere near being fat.


SaulGood · 28/06/2015 20:00

You are only slightly overweight if you look at something like BMI but your body composition, muscle tone etc makes a difference too. I bet you look beautiful Smile

You can't lose a stone of fat in 5 weeks. You can crash diet and lose lean tissue, water etc as well as fat. Crash diets are not a great idea, not great for you, the weight loss is not healthy or sustainable. Don't go down the road of making food an enemy and making yourself miserable. Food is fuel and food is pleasure and the balance between the two is what decides how healthy you are.

What you could do for 5 weeks is eat healthily, get some exercise and you could lose 5-10lbs of fat and it never come back. I really doubt you need to lose any more than that anyway.

You could do all those brilliant things listed by wideopenspace. Half the joy of a holiday is the planning. Enjoy this time for what it is. By all means lose some weight and have a goal, I think it's massively empowering and you'll feel great on the beach. Don't do it because you think otherwise you'll be a lard arse. Do it because you are going to have a great holiday and this is one way you might make it better. Like finding a perfect sunhat or flattering bikini or a fab book. They aren't essential and won't decide the holiday for you, but there's no reason that you can't pursue or achieve any of those things.

If you fancy an exercise challenge, something like the 30 Day Shred is achievable and good for the time frame you have.

Have a great holiday.


Alfiedoggy · 28/06/2015 20:17

Thank you very much everyone! You're all so lovelySmile

OP posts:

AndAnotherThing1 · 28/06/2015 20:31

It's achievable. I've tried various faddy diets, and usually at this time of year when the beach beckons, but just cutting out all snacks is the only one that really works. Good luck.


lavendersgreen · 29/06/2015 16:32


Omlette (plain or cheese) for breakfast
Chicken salad for lunch
Bag Pork scratchings for tea (other teas are available Smile )

However, thecow is right, there are loads of better ideas and meal plans on the low carb boot camp threads.

You need a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet for it to work properly.

It's all explained really well on the low carb topic.

The massive positive for me is that you really don't feel hungry because the fat makes you feel full (you must drink plenty of water to).

You can do it!



ThatSmirkingWhore · 29/06/2015 18:07

It is achievable, DH has been trying to lose weight, and has had a competition with the guys at work, with forfeits for the loser each week. (the one who loses the most weight, gets to shoot the one who loses the least with a paintball gun ;) )
The competition makes them all more determined to keep losing and not have any 'bad' days.

DH has cut down his portion sizes, he went on the 'chemical diet' for the first week to get him going, it's very restrictive, and you can only do it for a week.
After that he hasn't been on a 'diet' as such, but is following paleo rules, which is essentially only eating things that cavemen would have eaten, meats, veg and fruit. No pasta, no bread etc.
He has stopped all snacking.
He also goes to the gym for an hour and a half each weekday morning before work, and we go kickboxing once a week.
He has lost just over a stone each month.

He hasn't stopped treating himself all together though, on Fridays after the weigh in, they all have a meal/snack they 'shouldn't' and at the end of each month we have had a take out to celebrate him winning 'man of the month' (which means he has lost the most weight overall in the month)

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