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Not to understand why anyone could choose to have those ugly looking dogs?

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meadowquark · 28/06/2015 17:52

I may be wrong but it seems that about 50% dog owners in my area have those staffie or staffie type dogs (sorry I cannot distinguish between them), looking aggressive, ugly (sorry) and always pulling the owner on the lead. I honestly don't understand why people choose to have these dogs. When I was growing up, people had cockerspaniels, labradors, daschunds, poodles, terriers etc. Is this a new fashion? Safety? Knife alternative?

I am sure they are friendly and trainable but if I hear a bad story of one dog mauling another dog, it is very often that type of dog.

I am just wondering why wouldn't people keep sweeter looking dogs instead.

Sorry I don't meant to offend any dog owners - I just would like to understand why?

OP posts:

SqueezyCheeseWeasel · 28/06/2015 17:53

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone has them as a 'status' dog.


ClaimedByMe · 28/06/2015 17:54

Why not?

Not to understand why anyone could choose to have those ugly looking dogs?

CandyAppleFudge · 28/06/2015 17:54

Because they want to own that breed


formerbabe · 28/06/2015 17:54

They are vile...yanbu op. We all know why people choose them!


Stanky · 28/06/2015 17:54

All the staffs I've ever known have always been very sweet and friendly.


CandyAppleFudge · 28/06/2015 17:55

Formerbabe they chose the because in the right hands staffies are incredibly soft


AnyoneForTennis · 28/06/2015 17:55

You could say the same about humans.....why don't we all choose the 'sweeter' looking partners/friends/etc


SqueezyCheeseWeasel · 28/06/2015 17:55

The ones you see appear to be badly trained status dogs but there are plenty of staffies out there who are gentle, well trained, family dogs.

I don't have a dog but I know a couple of families with staffies, neither are the stereotype.


WeeMadArthur · 28/06/2015 17:56

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


meadowquark · 28/06/2015 17:56

Stanky but are they genuinely beautiful looking to your eye? Cannot you think of a better looking dog?

OP posts:

formerbabe · 28/06/2015 17:56

Righto! It's just coincidence then that it's the scumbags dog of choice then?!


WorraLiberty · 28/06/2015 17:56

I've never seen a Staffie that wasn't gorgeous.

They're normally mad, friendly bundles of fun.

Unlike twattish dog owners who don't train/keep their dogs under control, not matter what breed they are.



SaucyJack · 28/06/2015 17:57

I was grabbed on the side of the face and dragged down the garden when I was six- by a cute looking spaniel.

Conversely, never met a Staffie I didn't like. They are lovely dogs, and very vrery cute to my eyes.

I think you're getting them mixed up with American Pit Bull Terriers which are a different breed.


formerbabe · 28/06/2015 17:57

You could say the same about humans.....why don't we all choose the 'sweeter' looking partners/friends/etc

We do...Most people choose the best looking spouse they can get.


SaucyJack · 28/06/2015 17:58

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MelanieCheeks · 28/06/2015 17:58

Because some people want a dog for reasons other than its good looks?

Oh, VVVU in case that wasn't obvious.

I'd link here to the dog with non-functioning back legs, who was eventually adopted by a wheelchair owner.


CandyAppleFudge · 28/06/2015 17:58

Formerbabe yes it is, strangely enough both my mastiffs have been attacked by what the op has said are beautiful dogs, it's not the breed that is the issue its the owner. Not everyone that owns a Staffie is wanting a status dog. All the ones where I live are incredibly soft because they were socialised at a young age. There's so many in rescue because fuckwits get them and then get rid of them and it doesn't help that they're overbred.


CordeliaFoxx · 28/06/2015 17:59

You hear about these dogs attacking because they are the hated breed of the moment, it was German shepherds and Rotties for example previously.

You are not only unreasonable but very ignorant.


LaurieFairyCake · 28/06/2015 17:59

Staffs are the most popular dog breed with everyone - especially families

They are loyal, sweet, cuddly, gentle as gentle can be


smokedgarlic · 28/06/2015 17:59

Because people who are kind enough to rehome rescue dogs often find themselves looking at row upon row of Staffies. They are sweet tempered and affectionate dogs and with the right training make wonderful pets. You don't sound like you know much about dogs OP.


Hoppinggreen · 28/06/2015 17:59

To be honest I don't especially like the look of Staffies but I don't really like any short haired blunt faced dogs, I prefer hairy hound types.
However, it's pure aesthetics for me I don't think that they are all dangerous or anything.
Plus it's personal preference as well


meadowquark · 28/06/2015 17:59

I struggle to think that they are "gorgeous". I am surprised that people find them gorgeous. I cannot argue about their personalities, but it does seem it is harder to train than anything else.

OP posts:

sanquhar · 28/06/2015 18:00

i don't own a dog, and probably never will, too much like hard work for me! but if i did ever decide to get a dog it would be a staffy.

lovely smile
lovely little bottom wiggle when they walk
ever so friendly, never met a nasty one and i especially love whipping "'ard" mens dogs into an ecstatic frenzyGrin
excellent with kids.
chunky, kissable heads

the only problem is that too many narrow minded turds only judge them on looks

have you ever actually said hello to staffy? stroked one? or have you just massively judged them from a distance?


formerbabe · 28/06/2015 18:00

How come then I see tons of staffies in the rougher parts of town but hardly any in the "naice" areas?!


glenthebattleostrich · 28/06/2015 18:01

Why do people have rats in handbags? Or stupid looking fluffy dogs with perms?

I adore staffies and rotties. A staffies smile melts my otherwisefrozen heart. I love visiting my brother cos I get staffie snuggles.

Oh and I've been bitten twice in my life, once by a jack russel (vicious little fuckers, never met a nice one) and once by a 'cute' spaniel.

Any dog can turn on you, so leave staffies alone ffs. They are becoming the parent and child spaces of the dog world!

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