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To think restaurants/cafés etc should use some common sense?

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CheeseAndBeans · 27/06/2015 19:13

So, I am not sure if I am just being precious... OH says I am. But, this has happened so often recently and it really bugs me!
I was out by myself with DD (18months) today, and we stopped in a restaurant for a bite to eat, chain restaurant, nothing fancy but child friendly (kids menu, highchairs etc). We ordered straight away, a meal for myself and some toast for DD. My meal came out, and DD about 5 mins later. Considering mine would have taken much longer, and hers was just toast... AIBU to expect them to arrive at same time?!
Having to deal with DD struggling to grab my food (which I put to other side of table and didn't eat til hers arrived, obviously) and getting upset is just annoying when it can easily be avoided. Am fully expecting people to say I should be able to control my child.... she's 18months and at that everything is mine stage!!
It's happened a few times recently and really hugs me. Common sense , no?

OP posts:

LindyHemming · 27/06/2015 19:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThursdayLast · 27/06/2015 19:17

Where I have worked, toast is not the responsibility of the chef.

Whereas the chef only has to dish up mostly ready prepared food which in a chain will not take long I expect it was your server who also had to do your drinks, sort out your bill, seat other customers, clear dirty tables etc etc etc

That's why it takes longer. I understand it is annoying though.


freezation · 27/06/2015 19:17

Food should come out at the same time. Unless it's Wagamamas but I'm pretty sure they don't do toast ;)


ChessieFL · 27/06/2015 19:18

I've never been in a restaurant where they have brought things out at different times, except when there's a particular problem with one dish and the waiter/waitress has already spoken to us about it. Very odd that you're constantly getting your meals at different times! Yabu.


ChessieFL · 27/06/2015 19:18

Sorry, Yanbu not Yabu!!


ThursdayLast · 27/06/2015 19:19

As a waitress myself I'd much rather the chef were in charge of toast but it is sadly beneath them.

Drinks get made in the order they come in - we could bring them out with the cake, but then they'd be cold!


summerainbow · 27/06/2015 19:25

Why did you not share your meal.


EatDessertFirst · 27/06/2015 19:32

I work in a pub kitchen and I try my very best to either a) send out kids meals as soon as they are ready, even slightly before the adults so they can settle their little ones (this is useful if they have ordered something well done for example) or b) send them out together, but ask the waiting staff to take the kids out first. I'd never send out a kids meal later than an adults.

Its really not hard to do, especially if its a chain place where most processes should be the same.



spillyobeans · 27/06/2015 19:42

Non issue


Fugghetaboutit · 27/06/2015 19:44

When I ran a cafe, I always brought the kids food out before or with the adults food as I know what kids/babies are like.

Sadly, if the server/chef doesn't have children, they don't really get this or know so it's not really their fault.


Micah · 27/06/2015 19:46

Is have just shared my meal until the toast arrived.

Even if they'd arrived together it's more than likely is have ended up with the toast while dc ate my meal :)


Viviennemary · 27/06/2015 19:47

I don't think it's a big deal. OK it would have been better if the toast had arrived before or at the same time as your own meal. But I think it's a very minor thing indeed.


AnyoneForTennis · 27/06/2015 19:48

Really? This is thread worthy?


SantasLittleMonkeyButler · 27/06/2015 19:49

Whenever something like this has happened to me I have always given my DC a bit of my food until theirs arrived.

I thought that's what everyone did Confused.


43cupsoftea · 27/06/2015 19:50

Yanbu. When ds was little, it was frustrating when my food arrived first, and ds's arriving a few minutes later. I couldn't relax and eat my tea until he was sorted. It just requires a bit of thought!


youbethemummylion · 27/06/2015 19:52

We would always take a few snacks for DSs when they were little in case there was a long gap between food being ordered and arriving and no restraunt/cafe was ever bothered by this as they were small and then ate what we ordered when it came.


Chillyegg · 27/06/2015 19:55

Its a bit of a non issue really...Hmm


AuntyMag10 · 27/06/2015 19:57

Really a whole thread about this?
Anyway a total non issue, could you not share with her until toast arrived?
It's just one of those things really.


DancingHat · 27/06/2015 20:00

My experience of the best places is kid's comes first or at the same time. Never later or there's hell to pay! Also servers who place all food and drink away from toddler's reach are brilliant.


Mouthfulofquiz · 27/06/2015 20:01

What if the op had ordered something that came out absolutely boiling hot?
Also - don't be twatty, this whole forum is full of threads started for no reason, and about things of little consequence!


expatinscotland · 27/06/2015 20:05

Um, share your meal with her until her toast arrives? Carry snacks for her in your bag?


Totality22 · 27/06/2015 20:05

OP, what did you order that you DC couldn't have had a nibble of??


CheeseAndBeans · 27/06/2015 20:16

Mixed response...!
I ordered a cheese toastie and chips, too hot to give any to DD. Had to wait for it to cool down anyway, but would have been easier to distract her if she had her own food.
I just happened to mention it to OH, he thought I was just moaning for sake of it, and is a non issue too. I won't lose any sleep over it but just wondered if I was being picky!

OP posts:

zazzie · 27/06/2015 20:33

I always carry snacks. You can use up a lot of time feeding them one raisin at a time.


WhitePhantom · 27/06/2015 20:55

Easiest way is to ask for hers to be brought out first. Or bring a little snack as other people suggest. Yanbu, it is annoying!

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