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Lemonade stall - aibu regarding prices?

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lalalonglegs · 27/06/2015 16:26

We have just come home from an afternoon out during which my younger daughter found 50p on the tube (yay!). On the way from the station, we passed a small girl selling homemade lemonade and fairy cakes with hand made signs advertising them but, tellingly in my opinion, no prices. My daughter asked if she could spend her 50p on a cup of lemonade which was fine but the girl's mother said lemonade was £2 a cup (small plastic cup) and each fairy cake was another £2. This seems mental to me - am I being an old stinge? (I did not supplement my daughter's 50p and have sent her to the mini-market to buy some lemons so we can make our own instead.)

OP posts:

IHaveBrilloHair · 27/06/2015 16:28

That's expensive.


Janethegirl · 27/06/2015 16:29

Very grabby


WorraLiberty · 27/06/2015 16:30

I would have been tempted to ask if it was made with unicorn's piss.


GinUpGirl · 27/06/2015 16:30

Overpriced, but who cares? I can't get wound up about this.


LapsedTwentysomething · 27/06/2015 16:31

I wonder if the mother will be paying income tax on that? Hmm


LaurieFairyCake · 27/06/2015 16:31

Depends where you are

I'm at Greenwich and just paid £2.50 for a one scoop cone and £1.90 for a can of coke at a stall


WorraLiberty · 27/06/2015 16:34

Yes but ice cream sellers have fees and taxes to pay.

If this kid and her Mum is spotted by the council/police, she'll be asked to pack up anyway.


FirstWeTakeManhattan · 27/06/2015 16:35

Silly of the mum to do that as the little girl will barely sell any. Was it for charity?

We're selling ice cream, drinks and cakes next week as part of the Fiver Challenge and we're charging between 50p and £1.00 for each thing.


NorahBone · 27/06/2015 16:35

When your daughter has her lemons set up a stand right next to door, selling lemonade for 50p. Teach them a valuable lesson in business ;)


WinterOfOurDiscountTents15 · 27/06/2015 16:44

Anything is worth what people are prepared to pay for it. If they think they can get people to pay that much, they can knock themselves out.


lalalonglegs · 27/06/2015 17:03

Nothing to say it was for charity. My children occasionally do a charity cake stall in the street (maybe once a year) and they charge about 30p-50p.

We have just made more than a litre of lemonade for £1 Grin.

OP posts:

SirChenjin · 27/06/2015 17:07

Bloody hell - that's a bit eye watering. Do you live in a vair posh area?!


lalalonglegs · 27/06/2015 17:19

An area that's getting a bit above itself in my opinion Hmm. The lemonade racketeers live in a gated community and obviously don't shop at the place next door if they think that's what things cost.

I'll shut up now - my (much nicer, much cheaper) lemonade has soothed me a little Smile.

OP posts:

LazyLouLou · 27/06/2015 17:20

Did the little girl selling speak fluent French, German, Japanese.... Smile

Can we all come round for a slurp of your lemonade... pretty please? Grin


Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost · 27/06/2015 17:22

£2. For a farting cup of lemonade and a fairy cake.
The mother obviously does not know the first thing about business, and it is a type of business. You don't price yourself out of a sale...
I don't want to state the bleeding obvious but you can get lemonade from Asda for like 18p and a set of cup cakes for )'£1.
Does she really imagine even if her wildest dreAm was having it's wildest dream that people are going to pay £4 for a cup cake and a little cup of lemonade if so then she really is the epithany of delusional.


TheReluctantCountess · 27/06/2015 17:23

I buy a bottle of lemonade for 20p!


CombineBananaFister · 27/06/2015 17:24

Crikey that is very expensive - poor girl ! it just reminds me of the old 'farmers market' rip off debate or homemade overpriced shabby sit/chic Grin


budgiegirl · 27/06/2015 17:28

£2 is very expensive, but I think it was maybe a bit hopeful of you to think 50p would be enough for fresh lemonade. To those who say you can get lemonade for 18p in Asda, that's not fresh lemonade, it's chemicals in fizzy water, not quite the same thing.


sallyismyname · 27/06/2015 17:31

Lemonaid is horrible gunk.

I juice a lemon, add ice and sparkling water. Its so refreshing and almost calorie free.


FraggleHair · 27/06/2015 17:53

£4 for a glass of lemonade and a bun. I'd have laughed in the child's face!


WireCat · 27/06/2015 17:55

50p each item.

£2 is ridiculous.


Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost · 27/06/2015 18:15

I agree Fraggle. The prices are laughable, but it's not the child's fault, is it


Coincidenceschmoincidence · 27/06/2015 21:01

My friend's dd has just done this for cancer research. Lemonade 25p cupcakes 50p. Both homemade. Sounds far more reasonable Smile


Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost · 27/06/2015 22:13

Well done to your friend's dd.
what a lovely amazing selfless thing to do.
Her family and indeed yourself must be very proud.


TheWernethWife · 28/06/2015 22:02

I would have wanted a slug of gin in it for that price

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