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RuggerHug · 27/06/2015 00:36

Are there any bigger bastards in the world? just had to go one on one with a twat who kicked on his back like Michael Flatley on coke after being sprayed for 3 solid minutes (as I was in only knickers, on wine and being laughed at ). He's the 4th one who came too close and didn't respect the 'stay outdoors and we won't bother each other'rule within 2 days. Can someone please comfort me and say my bravery has scared them all into submission? (bravery /flapping boobs and screaming )Blush Blush

OP posts:

SumThucker · 27/06/2015 00:42

I'd be pretty worried if I'd seen 4 within 2 days, if they were all inside your house.


DonkeyOaty · 27/06/2015 00:43



RuggerHug · 27/06/2015 00:57

to be fair, we're on holiday. In DPs parents 'foreign residence '. didn't know if I was just unused to nicer climate but should I be worried at that many?Sad Confused

OP posts:

yellowcurtains · 27/06/2015 01:03

Please tell me you're a long way away, in a v hot country?


RuggerHug · 27/06/2015 01:06

yellowcurtains, depends on where you are and what you consider a long way away...Shock

OP posts:

RaskolnikovsGarret · 27/06/2015 01:12

Dear God, my worst enemy. Carry on the killing OP, you need to get rid of all zillion of the buggers.


Atenco · 27/06/2015 02:23

Better get borox if you are using so much spray, OP.


yellowcurtains · 27/06/2015 02:30



MyFriendsCallMeOh · 27/06/2015 02:42

We get a couple every year in the garage (southern USA). I find strong hold hairspray better than bug spray, makes them literally freeze. They are about 2 inches long. We used to get big ones occasionally in singapore too, despite to constant spraying and fogging, my cleaning lady used to just pick them up til one bit her ShockConfusedHmm


MyFriendsCallMeOh · 27/06/2015 02:43

4 in 2 days is bad anywhere, I would be calling pest control....


Dowser · 27/06/2015 07:34

We stayed in an apartment in Spain overrun with them....for two weeks. There was no way we could move. We had 4 teens with us...two not ours.

There was a broken drain outside and they were coming through there. Every morning there would be about 6 on their backs. So, they had been sprayed.

The first thing we did was remove all rugs and valances from beds. Stuffed plastic bags over drain holes.

I was talking to my sons girlfriend when one appeared on the white ( it would be wouldn't it) kitchen cupboard behind her). My son got the Hoover, removed the wood skirtings from the bottom of he kitchen cabinets and there were hundreds in there.....most of them dead.

Awful smell. It was a nightmare holiday. Memorable for all the wrong reasons :-(


CarriesBucketOfBlood · 27/06/2015 07:42

When I lived in Asia I had the most horrific cockroach invasion one summer.
It culminated in me microwaving a ready meal, opening the door to see a squirming, half baked cockroach rolling around on top of my food. It had obviously got in the lack of the microwave somehow.

It turns out that they're not that impervious to radiation though... Hmm


mathanxiety · 27/06/2015 08:33

I need to go back to bed. I thought you had KO'd Michael Flatley in your kitchen by flapping your boobs at him.


RuggerHug · 27/06/2015 08:53

MyFriends.....2 inches? !Shock Sad killed another this morning. I'm thinking of going down the hairspray route (and then staying outdoors as much as possible). Yellow, we're in Spain, you should be safe!

OP posts:

RuggerHug · 27/06/2015 08:55

Dowser....your post doesn't fill me with hope..Confused Shock

OP posts:

yellowcurtains · 27/06/2015 09:17

Yes carrie- the only creatures that will survive nuclear holocaust... cockroaches!

Do they have many in Spain then? I thought it was just canaries (they have flying ones apparently- shudder)


RuggerHug · 27/06/2015 09:52

yellowcurtains, there's enough that I have made the decision to be out all day in order to gather my strength to deal with the evening group. not a massive amount, but enough to be on scuttly noise alert while indoors, spray and swear words at the ready!

OP posts:

Toadinthehole · 27/06/2015 20:35

(posting from NZ). Ants are worse. In summer, I normally find a couple in my house each day. They climb in through the windows. They worried me at first, but I know now that they are harmless.

Ants by contrast are little buggers. I believe I have a nest inside one of the exterior walls of my house. They keep raiding the cupboards and get into anything that isn't hermetically sealed.


DrankSangriaInThePark · 27/06/2015 20:47

When I lived in Spain our flat was riddled with them, both our grotty student flat and the posh penthouse where I later au-paired.
My then boyfriend set fire to one with his lighter. It sizzled for a while, then just shrugged and walked off.
They were bigger in Thailand though. One ran me round the bathroom and then leaped onto my bed and into my bag. Shock


bloodyteenagers · 27/06/2015 20:50

I was 17 and homeless and was given a list of approved landlords that had agreed to give me a tenancy.
The first place was a room in a b&b running across the window sill was a couple of roaches..
Second one was a lovely little flat. landlord told me that previous occupants had just moved out and he hadn't got around to decorating, and that I could do it however I wanted for a price reduction. It was then I noticed something under the wall paper move. Wasn't isolated to one place.

Didn't take either of those.

And yes in the event of a nuclear bomb, everything else will die but those little fuckers would survive.


hiddenhome · 27/06/2015 22:17

I keep giant ones as pets. I have a bloke and three females, but he hasn't got any of them pregnant yet and I am not happy Hmm he needs to up his game or I'll buy a rival.


Wideopenspace · 27/06/2015 22:22

I was the appointed cockroach wrangler when I was a kid.

We lived in furrin climes.

I think they are ACE!


AdoraBell · 27/06/2015 22:27

My DH was in an apartment in central America. He needed a glass of water in the wee small hours. Turned on the kitchen light. It was like a carpet of cockroaches the floor was so thick with themShock

He put a cup in the cupboard the right way up and the cleaner told him off. You must put them upside down to stop the 'roaches crawling in Envy

OP I'd be looking for a drastic solution if I were you. The heavy duty hair spray sounds good if the bug spray won't kill the bastards.


hiddenhome · 27/06/2015 22:52

When I was a student nurse, the charge nurse told us tales of cockroaches crawling all over the beds of the doped up mental patients in the Victorian asylum in the town.

We also used to get them in the nurses' home. You had to crunch them underfoot on the way to early shift each morning.


nocabbageinmyeye · 27/06/2015 23:00

My old office in work was infested with them, ew! I couldn't leave my bag on the floor for fear of bringing any home with me, I'm in Ireland, that he'll hole office was the only place I ever saw them, we had bats and nice too Confused

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