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to wonder if you were Florence...

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operaha · 26/06/2015 23:36

would you be shitting it right now? seems she's doing a good show but being a die hard Dave fan, I'd be gutted. Reckon they'll do a Foos song? Apologies if I've missed it, only switched on about 5 songs ago.

Glastonbury chat if anyone's wondering what I'm on about!

OP posts:

sleepwhenidie · 26/06/2015 23:38

I think she's amazing but watching I'm thinking she hasn't got a large enough catalogue of hits for this slot? I agree FF fans would be gutted but that would likely be the case whoever replaced them?


mrsdavidbowie · 26/06/2015 23:39

I love her.
I've never heard anything by the Too Fighters although Dave Grohl is quite hot.


operaha · 26/06/2015 23:42

I'd have been devastated, but I'm a crazy foo fan. had tickets for Wembley last Saturday Sad
I'd imagined going to that then chilling watching Glastonbury to relive it. sigh.

OP posts:

Maladicta · 26/06/2015 23:43

Not a patch on the Foos Hmm


TrousersRoastingOnAnOpenFire · 26/06/2015 23:44

I loved the first Florence song I ever heard ( it was about having a rabbit heart?) but it all sounds the same since then, her range of tone and emotion is so narrow.

but then no-one has ever paid me to sing so what do I know...


operaha · 26/06/2015 23:45


OP posts:

RipMacWinkle · 26/06/2015 23:46

Psychic OP?


Shakey1500 · 26/06/2015 23:48

I thought she was amazing! Knew that nylon blouse would get too much though Smile


averythinline · 26/06/2015 23:48

I think she's doing a good job, not really a foo replacement but in her own liking the silver trouser suit!
I'm not usually a big fan but think she would work live seems to have a bit of buzz...


DirectorOfBetter · 26/06/2015 23:48

Love her voice but the only song of hers I like is her new one.


Pugthug · 26/06/2015 23:49

Sorry she isn't very good. Bland, bland mush.


wowfudge · 26/06/2015 23:49

Hmm - not a fan of her voice, but am quite enjoying this.


DonttouchthatLarry · 26/06/2015 23:49

have just seen this and switched it on - I knew it would be this song!


Haggisfish · 26/06/2015 23:49

Ooooh here we go!


DonttouchthatLarry · 26/06/2015 23:49

Still don't know why Dave couldn't just sit in a chair.....


DirectorOfBetter · 26/06/2015 23:50

It's like she's got a sports car but she only drives it to Asda.


FraggleHair · 26/06/2015 23:51

I'm not a huge fan of Flo but I suppose she's better than the stadium rawk that is the Foo Fighters.


mrsdavidbowie · 26/06/2015 23:55

Love her outfit.
She might need Footner tomorrow...


bostonbaby · 26/06/2015 23:57

Shes my best ginge ever


ouryve · 26/06/2015 23:59

You're right on the foos song :o


Charlesroi · 27/06/2015 00:00

I thought she was fabulous. And now I have to go home.


ladydepp · 27/06/2015 00:00

She seems more relaxed now. I actually really like her voice but I can understand how it grates on some Smile


ouryve · 27/06/2015 00:01

She made the day of a clone fan with a hair decoration, though. That woman will be living tonight for the next year. Actually teared up a bit for her because it was obvious how much it meant to her :o


Pugthug · 27/06/2015 00:02

DirectorOf Better Grin


vicarinatutu · 27/06/2015 00:04

i thought she pulled it off.

i never "got" her until this its never off the cd player and i know all the i really enjoyed her set. i love the foo fighters but i reckon dave would have approved....

i love that she is just who she make up, falls over, loves her mum....

and i really like her voice. the latest album is just brilliant.

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