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AIBU about DP and face fuzz...light hearted

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chelle792 · 26/06/2015 18:04

DP has been off work for 2 weeks and has been 'doing up' our really trashy garden. I've been working - as a result, I've not had any time on my own this last 2 weeks.

He's just popped out for a couple of hours to price a job and my first thought was "yes, finally....I now have time to remove my fast becoming noticable tash!!"

AIBU to be mega relieved that finally he's out of the house for a couple of hours ONLY for the reason that I can get the epilator out?! I'm thinking that the redness will fade before he gets home so happy days!

My reasoning is that he doesn't need to know about some things. Although he'll probably notice (but not mention) the disappearing act with the hair!

OP posts:

FarFromAnyRoad · 26/06/2015 18:19

Grin YANBU. Some things are best not shared and that is definitely one of them!


spottybottycream · 26/06/2015 18:22

Yabu, he is your husband. Surely he knows you epilate?
I mean fair enough don't use the toilet in front of each other but you have sex, he will have seen you give birth (if you have children) what's the big deal about hair removal?


MarkRuffaloCrumble · 26/06/2015 18:27

Get one of those epi-stick things from ebay for 99p - they're brilliant and take no longer than brushing your teeth, so you can keep on top of it every day.

I had IPL on mine years ago, which was an absolute god send as I spent half an hour every morning plucking it while XH was in the bathroom, having to stop and hide the tweezers every time he popped his head round the door!

It's crap isn't it. If you can afford some IPL treatments it is well worth the money, mine is only just coming back after about 5 years and if I get some spare cash I'll definitely have a top up.


chelle792 · 26/06/2015 18:43

Hahaha farfrom what else would you not share? DP would have no problem with seeing me doing anything but it's just my own sense of boundaries. He's never even seen me shave my legs. (although when v upset about something petty he has seen me a complete wreck, snot and all Wink)
spotty I have images of me serenely giving birth with no blood, no red face and everything being hunky dory. My Mum said when you give birth you leave your dignity at the door and pick it up on the way out. I'm still happy to remain deluded imagine that DP would see nothing unsavory Grin

Thanks for the advice Mark something for after the wedding, me thinks

OP posts:

iwouldgoouttonight · 26/06/2015 19:21

Yes the epistick is really good for keeping on top of tache issues, bloody hurts though, makes my eyes water. But over with very quickly.

I never let DP see me do any form of facial hair removal. I'm fine with him seeing me shave my legs, go to the toilet, anything really. He must know that I remove facial hair but I just don't want him seeing me doing it. When we first lived together I used to nip round to my sister's and do it just in case he caught me with hair removal cream on my face Blush

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