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AIBU to be kinda riveted by the Belle Gibson saga?

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lastuseraccount123 · 25/06/2015 19:00

In short: lied about having terminal cancer and claimed to cure her own cancer by eating a 'whole foods' diet. Had a popular blog, was about to publish a cookbook with Penguin and launch an app with Apple Watch. Turned out she does not have cancer and was all BS.

OP posts:

paulapompom · 25/06/2015 20:32

Op did she lie? Article says she may or may not have been Ill. If she didn't have cancer and gave people hope that they could cure themselves then she is a c*nt. YaNbu though, to be fascinated. Did she want the cash do you think? Or attention?


Lovesyoungdreamers · 25/06/2015 20:36

It's not a saga though is it? It was all done and dusted a few months back.

I haven't read that particular article, but no, she did not have cancer.

Cookbook had already been printed and had to be pulped Shock. But there are worse things. Like terminal cancer.


Lovesyoungdreamers · 25/06/2015 20:41

Here's a more informative article, also old though Smile Apparently she's going to be on 60 Minutes soon.


lastuseraccount123 · 25/06/2015 21:44

it's still ongoing. The latest is the interview with 60 minutes where she admitted she just lies all the time.

Sorry paula - that was a crap link. Yes, she lied about having cancer.

She is definitely a cunt for faking it and making people believe she cured herself by eating "whole foods"....Hmm. My fascination is:

how she got away with it for so long
why is she such a liar
and would she ever have got so much attention if she wasn't a blonde, pretty, young, english speaking woman?

I'm just always amazed at our ability to deceive ourselves I guess. I mean, i can understand why people want to believe they can cure terminal cancer with vegetables. but COME ON.

OP posts:

BuildYourOwnSnowman · 25/06/2015 21:51

would you want to be the person to ask first though 'sorry, but did you actually have cancer?'

when people have terminal cancer or a loved one who does they will often try all sorts of things that if rational they would scoff at. it's the need for hope.

I can't believe she hasn't laid low though. She's just a charlatan who tried to make money from other peoples suffering not giving two hoots if she hurt anyone


beastling · 25/06/2015 22:10

For a similar story of wtf deception, read/ watch the woman who wasn't there. Fascinating in a very similar way...


lastuseraccount123 · 25/06/2015 22:15

ooh saw that on netflix.

OP posts:

paulapompom · 25/06/2015 23:58

I do wonder sometimes if people believe their own lies up to a point. She might have been ill, been having tests, told someone it could be serious, then got caught up in the drama.

Lastuser - I'm sure her looks have a lot to do with the coverage. Don't know how she got away with it for so long, but as Build says, who's going to ask her?

Probably a true life story book or film in the pipeline - or she'll end up on I'm A Celebrity!


EthelCardew · 26/06/2015 19:05

I am too OP!

I first followed her on Instagram and actually shed tears over some of her posts, so upset for her poor son.

I followed The Whole Pantry too and very nearly bought the app. So glad I didn't. I was really pleased she was making such a success of her business and a bit of a legacy.

Then she disappeared for a while and posted saying the cancer had returned in lots of places, then nothing for a long time.

Just as I was going to sleep one night, I wondered how she was getting on and realised TWP hadn't posted either. Seeing the accounts had closed, I Googled and was completely floored by the revelations! I was up all night, I kid you not, reading ALL the articles, the FB group that have tracked her past internet posts etc and tbh, I'm still fascinated by the story and quite fucked off that I invested so much in that pathological liar.


EthelCardew · 26/06/2015 19:11

She started the lies much earlier online, on a skateboarding forum, when she was a completely different person then - emo, druggy alternative type.

There's apparently proof she didn't go through any of the treatment and tests she claimed to have done on there - cancer, heart surgery, dying on the table etc. and her former friends have said she lies constantly.

Her boyfriend/husband is standing by her, I wonder how complicit he was in the whole charade.


lastuseraccount123 · 26/06/2015 20:11

me too.

he helped her with her business - how could he have not known she didn't have cancer?

OP posts:

lastuseraccount123 · 26/06/2015 20:13

interesting link there.

what a pair of cunts they are.

OP posts:

CrystalHaze · 26/06/2015 21:14

Is that the 9/11 woman, Beastling? I saw a documentary on that - wtf makes people think they can get away with such bullshit?


paulapompom · 26/06/2015 22:33

When i lived in Essex thrre was s woman who lied about having cervical cancer. She raised loads of money and spent it on her wedding. I think she conned a wedding planner into getting her free stuff too. I can't do links on this phone but shewas DDanielle Watson. She only got found out because shenposted about being pregnant on FB, and someone got suspicious. Think people who find 'cures' are worse though

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