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To ask how companies get your information for mailing lists?

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Supervet · 24/06/2015 13:12

My parents have recently started getting junk mail for me seven years after I left. It is in my married name and I have never lived there in my married name apart from one savers account. I lived there for a very short time after fleeing exh but was not registered there at all during that time.

They have had nothing in seven years then suddenly junk in my name from a credit card company.
I've tried to stay of the radar due to dv so the fact I'm suddenly on a mailing list so close to home has massively freaked me out.

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Trurouge · 24/06/2015 13:55

Companies use all manner of ways to get info and then sell it on to others too. I have worked for a couple (won't mention who) but the tactics can be quite covert. Just ensure that when you fill your details in anywhere you are sure to tick any boxes that op out of your info being used for these purposes. If it gets really bad you can resister with the postal preference service who stop all junk mail in your name. The service is free


WhetherOrNot · 24/06/2015 14:10

Because everybody sells every other body your information.


Supervet · 24/06/2015 14:15

thank you. I've never lived at that address under that name. Only thing registered at that address under that name was an ns&I account I already had. According to them they don't pass on data so I'm mightily pissed they obviously have Sad

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taxi4ballet · 24/06/2015 14:43

Are you sure that no-one is using your details? There could be an identity theft scam going on, especially if it from a credit card company.


Supervet · 24/06/2015 15:16

I've opened it. its definately just junk.

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