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To ask for your advice on maternity leave presents?

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MsMommy · 24/06/2015 10:21

Just looking for inspiration and didn't know where else to post. Sorry!
So my colleague / job share partner is off on maternity leave soon and I'm stepping into her role almost full time while she's away and I'm having a whip round for a present for her.
We're a small team so it won't be loads of money. She already has a toddler under 3 so won't need much baby stuff. She doesn't wear a lot of jewellery. She's about to move house from an apartment to a semi-detached in suburbia. I'd rather get her something for her than for the baby.
Any cool ideas? Go! (Thank you.)

OP posts:

hibbledibble · 24/06/2015 10:23

How much do you anticipate having to spend?

A massage for her while she is pregnant would be great if the budget will stretch.


MsMommy · 24/06/2015 10:28

There is nine of us in the team but not everyone will be there to contribute and I wouldn't expect most people to give as much as a fiver so quick tally maybe only between £25 - £30? (Could end up being more, I'm erring on the low side.) I did wonder about spa things. Could be nice with the stress of the house move...

OP posts:

Flisspaps · 24/06/2015 10:31

I got gift vouchers for Debenhams. Much appreciated Grin I used it for fancy makeup which I never had time to wear once DD was born

If I'd been given a spa/massage voucher it would have gone unused.


hibbledibble · 24/06/2015 10:33

Maybe a voucher towards a massagemassage then? Of course only if she likes that kind of thing.

I would have loved a massage in the final weeks.


addictedtosugar · 24/06/2015 10:37

Flowers and/or a gift card for her to spend on her when she e.g. needs new clothes.


MsMommy · 24/06/2015 10:42

I also wondered about Debs type vouchers. Might be handy to buy clothes post preg, stuff for the new home, or a treat like Flisspaps (great handle!). Not sure if she might be a bit too posh for Debs tho. Ooh, maybe John Lewis!

OP posts:

PurpleCrazyHorse · 24/06/2015 11:14

Manicure/pedicure voucher for a local salon?

JL vouchers are always nice, they sell baby stuff but also home stuff too, so ideal as she's also moving house.


Uhplistrailer · 24/06/2015 11:15

Cook vouchers so they can stick up their freezer? Best maternity present I ever got!


CantBrainToday · 24/06/2015 11:35

Either vouchers for somewhere like John Lewis that stocks a range of stuff or a little hamper. Make it yourself using a nice box or bag and think nappies, wipes, bibs, muslins (all the non reusable baby kit) then chocs for mum.


Cadenza1818 · 24/06/2015 11:39

Food related . Personally best presents I had as you can't be bothered to cook after giving birth !


MsMommy · 24/06/2015 14:54

Thanks for your ace suggestions. A hamper of non baby bits might be a nice idea. Little bottle of bubbly, nice chocs, poncey biscuits, some nice coffee...

OP posts:

redexpat · 24/06/2015 15:52

Nice handsoap, nice handcream. You wash your hands a lot during the early days.


Scholes34 · 24/06/2015 15:59

DECENT HANDCREAM!! I love Clarins, and that would be a great treat. I had a voucher for a massage and hated the massage. I thought they had a problem with their drains, then realised the noise was some soothing whale music.

When I had DC3, a few ladies from the toddler group I went to cooked for the family - arriving at a pre-arranged time with a two course meal - for four nights over a week. That was fab!


contractor6 · 24/06/2015 16:04

Lots of nice toiletries, can get lots of cheap ones in travel sections of boots, small means of she doesn't like one wont be a big waste. You could even pop in any free samples of creams etc. Put all in a box together with some food treats maybe? That's me I love hamper style gifts.


DorotheaHomeAlone · 24/06/2015 16:08

Seconding cool vouchers. They do a discount for new mums so she can stick up a bit for when they're suck of toast.


missymayhemsmum · 24/06/2015 23:02

Hamper is a nice idea, if she's moving, a nice plant for her new garden? Or a bf-friendly deckchair if funds will stretch?


BlueBlueSea · 24/06/2015 23:05

Cowshed do some lovely mums to be products as well as baby stuff too. I have given both and they have been very welcome.



theblairbitchproject · 24/06/2015 23:08

Grin Scholes. Thank you- that just cracked me up.

I'd go the vouchers route. That way she can choose to spend it how she likes- if she is strapped for cash she can use it for baby things or if she has plenty of babygrows/vests/nappy cakes or whatever that everyone seems to buy she can spend it on herself/house


corgiology · 24/06/2015 23:20

Why not just buy a present from you?

I really dislike whip arounds especially when I have no intention of giving a gift myself. It makes you look like a cheapskate if you don't contribute even if you can't really afford to chip in.


MsMommy · 25/06/2015 21:47

Fab ideas. Thanks again ladies. :)

OP posts:

Archer26 · 25/06/2015 22:01

I was given a lovely Liz Earle gift box when I left. Was lovely to be able to pamper myself once ds was settled.


HerdofAntilop · 25/06/2015 22:04

Just eat voucher for a post baby take away. Nom nom nom.


jeanmiguelfangio · 25/06/2015 23:07

I got a boots voucher when i was pregnant! Bloody loved it, i used it for makeup for me, i remember running out of wipes once so used it then, just such a handy voucher to have. May have got some posh hand soap too I would have never bought if I didnt have the voucher. I used that soap every day and it just made me smile.
ok so i sound really sad, but it did!!


BikeRunSki · 25/06/2015 23:36

Clothes vouchers were my favourite thing! I looked forward to spending them as I was slogging through those early weeks still in maternity clothes. I was so fed up of maternity clothes !!!


Weareboatsremember · 26/06/2015 00:37

I steer clear of toiletries as people can be very specific about brands etc. I HATE spas and being massaged, so if someone gave me a voucher for that I'd be gutted to be honest. Flowers and a boots voucher would be pretty perfect as she can choose if she wants something for the baby of for herself then too.

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