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to hope I am not tarred as someone...

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Alchemist · 23/06/2015 20:57

who laughs at animals in slight distress but DDog just licked my plate.

I had had a lovely meal of spaghetti, olive oil, spinach, basil and tomatoes, seasoned with a bit of salt, pepper and chilli flakes.

DDog is now rolling around the rug making WTF? noises and being very amusing to me.

AIBU to laugh? Also to be a slattern? bowl left on floor.

OP posts:

cleanmyhouse · 23/06/2015 21:39

You let your dog have chilli flakes? Hilarious Hmm


Roobix04 · 23/06/2015 21:40

I'm guessing the dog didn't ask permission.


Donthate · 23/06/2015 21:41

You let your dog luck your place Shock


Donthate · 23/06/2015 21:41



msgrinch · 23/06/2015 21:41

Yeah. funny. let's all laugh at the animal in distress Hmm


Only1scoop · 23/06/2015 21:43

Ugh vile to let animals lick plates makes me vomitus.

Poor dog not even the real thing.... just a few crummy flakes.


RabbitSaysWoof · 23/06/2015 21:44

Flowers (for DDog not you)


slippermaiden · 23/06/2015 21:45

People are so defensive! Maybe she left the bowl on the floor and he snuck over...I think it's funny, won't do him any harm!


BlueBananas · 23/06/2015 21:48

Poor dog Sad
Is he normally a plate licker?


Alchemist · 23/06/2015 21:49

Rolling around the rug making WTF noises - she is rubbing her nose as it's obviously a tickle. She is not in distress. And, while a slattern, there was the remains of my meal on the plate.

I did not douse her in chilli flakes and make her lick them.

OP posts:

Alchemist · 23/06/2015 21:50

remains of my meal on the the plate on the floor

OP posts:

msgrinch · 23/06/2015 21:51

You posted "slight distress". Hence why posters feel Sad for the dog.


SaucyJack · 23/06/2015 21:51

Disgusting excuse for animal ownership.

I have absolutely not done the same when my fifteen month old helped herself to a handful of my curry. Oh no, not I.


Roobix04 · 23/06/2015 21:51

Next you'll be telling us you encour her chew up your best shoes and chase the cat!
Poor puppy I would have laughed too but then I howled with laughter when my very dignified cat tripped over a tuft of grass.


Roobix04 · 23/06/2015 21:52



Alchemist · 23/06/2015 22:10

"slight distress" could mean a sneeze, cough, leg twitch, bark, growl or full on abuse.

However, she rubbed her nose and made a funny noise and made me laugh.

OP posts:

Eve · 23/06/2015 22:13

Our dog gets our leftovers (in her bowl though), mane had curry & rice tonight! Prefers it to dog food.


BitterChocolate · 24/06/2015 00:05

We keep our plates well away from the dog as he has multiple sensitivities, but I will admit to taunting him about his lack of an opposable thumb before I deign to hook his toy out from underage sofa or straighten his blanket. Grin


BitterChocolate · 24/06/2015 00:07

Our sofa is not 'underage' btw, all furniture and appliances are of legal working age.


textfan · 24/06/2015 00:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DodgedAnAsbo · 24/06/2015 00:14

He'll regret it if he licks his goolies. The howling will keep you awake all night


UglyBugaz · 24/06/2015 00:16

if a dog licked my plate or anything I eat from, that item will be going in the bin.


steff13 · 24/06/2015 00:19

You wouldn't just wash it?


MrsGentlyBenevolent · 24/06/2015 00:22

Why Ugly? Do you only like humans to lick your plates clean, as you obviously cannot, you know, wash a plate clean the normal way? It's not nice to let a dog lick a plate, but it's not the end of the world.

My old dog once jumped onto my chair when I got up to get a drink (or something). He licked the side of mustard off my plate. Silly sod was fine, but he never bloody did it again Grin.


TopazRocks · 24/06/2015 00:27

Does he have an 'offended expression' on his face? Grin Like the dog in a PP a few days ago who slobbered on some poor stranger in a park and annoyed her.

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