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To wish I could turn back Time

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RachelRagged · 23/06/2015 14:25

Just that really . Look at old photos of when mine were all smaller and not really appreciating those years (was in a DV relationship) and wishing I could have those years back . I find myself tearful when I see Mum's with young babies or little dinky toddlers and sometimes if we chat I tell them "Cherish these moments, they won't be little for long" >. Perhaps its the depression .

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Gottagetmoving · 23/06/2015 14:27

YANBU,..I do that too, but there is no point because while you are doing that you are not appreciating today and in the future you will regret that too!
Appreciate yours now as they are.


RachelRagged · 23/06/2015 14:31

Yes, , True enough Gottagetmoving. Can make new memories of some good times hopefully ,

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MomOfTwoGirls2 · 23/06/2015 15:01

That's it OP. Make the best of the Here and Now. The past is behind you, who knows what's in the future.
As they say, this is life there is no rehearsal.
Wishings you lots of fun in the building of lovely new memories!!


RachelRagged · 24/06/2015 01:06

Thank You MomOfTwoGirls2

I shall certainly do my best.

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MrsGentlyBenevolent · 24/06/2015 01:25

I'm in two minds about changing time if I could. On the one hand, life did get away from me for many years, it could have been avoidable. However, I'm in a strange position where if certain, specific things hadn't happened from the age of 11, I'd never have met my now partner, be expecting our child, and generally knowing true happiness for the first time in years. Obviously, I may have met someone else and been happy, but I'm still glad for what I have now despite everything.

Yanbu to have these feelings, but I also believe without the bad, there cannot be good. Regret is like a bag of stones on your back, too heavy to carry through life. So set it down, and learn to enjoy today not mourn what you can't change Flowers.


OberonTheHopeful · 24/06/2015 01:59

I think that ultimately you have to face what's in front of you and move forwards. My experience is that dwelling on the past too much, and especially on what might have been, exacerbates depression.

It doesn't mean I never do so, and certainly if I had my time over I would have made different decisions and chosen not to trust some people, but I do try hard to think more positively towards the future and enjoy the present.


Turtlefeet · 24/06/2015 02:14

I get like this. I am not loving the teen years tbh and crave for the time when the were little and thought I was awesome and not embarrassing!

I too feeel like the drudgery and tiredness of those early years made me not appreciate them and now they are gone. I can get quite tearful when I stop and think about it.

However,I try my hardest to see the good of my current life. Yes I have hormonal stroppy teens that cause me worry but there will be a day in the future that I will look back on these days fondly. What I have learnt is that it is the every day mundane memories we should treasure,not just those special days - like birthdays, days out or holidays.

I find my teen is at her less stroppy in the morning. She gets up stupidly early to do hair and makeup for school Hmm but I get up later and make her a cuppa, pop some bread in the toaster and make a sandwich for her lunch. I know she is old enough to do this herself but I like the chat we have in the kitchen and at the table in the mornings. We dont always say much, sometimes we just listen to the radio whilst we sip our tea and sing along. But I like these moments and one day I expect I will wistfully look back on them.

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