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I am annoyed with neighbours inconsiderate parking.

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QuintShhhhhh · 22/06/2015 23:00

He has a suv and a minibus. The spaces opposite our terrace is a strange configuration of 3 bays - 2 bays and 4 bays, separated by pavement edging, grass and lamp posts. He uses the minibus once or twice a week. It is so long he has to park it sideways acrosd two bays. Fair enough, it is long. I get that he wants both his vehicles opposide his house rather than 20 meters away where there is a different sideways bay configurstion. But, this inconsiderate man has started parking his suv right across 2 bays also!

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JulyKit · 22/06/2015 23:04

Politely ask him if there's any way he could park a bit more 'economically'?


Gdydgkyk · 22/06/2015 23:05

Get there first and use 2 spaces


QuintShhhhhh · 22/06/2015 23:08

I could not do that! I care what all other neighbours think! Neither do i want to inconvenience them! We are 12 households with 14 cars between us, and 10 parking spaces!

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QuintShhhhhh · 22/06/2015 23:10

I could get my dh to talk to him.

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AnyoneForTennis · 22/06/2015 23:21

Why get your DH?


QuintShhhhhh · 22/06/2015 23:23

Because he will quite happily talk to him whereas he does not acknowledge me!

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