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to be judgy about another parent?

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Oralengineer · 22/06/2015 22:22

I found out first hand (and confidentially so have name changed) that a child in DS's year ( older primary) lied about a member of staff. The child's parent made official complaint and was verbally abusive to the staff member, not in a sweary fashion but nasty comments. The member of staff was eventually found to be innocent and narrowly avoided a disciplinary situation. But received no apology from parent or child. The child received no official sanction.
Am I wrong to think that this is sending an incredibly bad message to the child.
Also in a secondary school would this sort of behaviour result in suspension?

OP posts:

Leaflitter · 22/06/2015 22:23

More details would help but sounds like YANBU.


ghostyslovesheep · 22/06/2015 22:24

sorry but it's absolutely none of your business


msgrinch · 22/06/2015 22:26

I don't think it's anyone's business but the people involved.


Oralengineer · 22/06/2015 22:30

I suppose I'm more concerned that if he feels he's got away with it with a member of staff, getting another child into trouble would mean nothing to him. He is an influential member of the year and has instigated problems in the past without getting his hands dirty.

OP posts:

MrsTerryPratchett · 22/06/2015 22:33

Older primary? You are talking about the child like he is Machiavelli. He didn't actually get away with it; the teacher was cleared.


Oralengineer · 22/06/2015 22:35

I agree it's none of my business and I have no intention of making it known or getting involved but as mn allows anonymous pondering just wondered whether I'm being silently unreasonable?

OP posts:

Oralengineer · 22/06/2015 22:40

I obviously have a different set of moral standards. I would have expected DS to apologise verbally and in writing. And I would expect school to enforce a sanction that would act as a deterrent. Along with plenty at home.

OP posts:

lljkk · 22/06/2015 22:42

Even if the pupil was 16 I don't think there'd be any mechanism to penalise them, even if the police were involved nobody would want to charge them with wasting police time.

Not fair situation, I agree.

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