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To be a bit dubious about a bloke who was walking his dog whilst it pulled a tyre?

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urterriblemuriel · 22/06/2015 22:13

On my way to pre school pick up, I drove past a chap near my house who was walking his Rottweiler. Nothing odd in that except it was pulling a big tyre behind it??! WTF? Do you reckon he's got the poor thing on some sort of boot camp (it didn't look particularly lardy)? Smile

I've never been a dog owner, so might be missing something?!

OP posts:

DonkeyOaty · 22/06/2015 22:20

Praps the doggie is going on one of them Arctic Trek thingies with wossis-name. The adventurer. The people train by lugging tyres #vague

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