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To text party non-responders and ask if their child is coming?

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LiegeAndLief · 21/06/2015 22:24

Dd is having a birthday party at the weekend and there are still quite a few people who haven't replied. I don't know any of the parents very well but I do have their mobile numbers from previous parties. Would it be weird to text them and ask if their child is coming? If not, how do I word it?

It's highly possible of course that the invitations are still languishing at the bottom of a book bag...

OP posts:

DancingDinosaur · 21/06/2015 22:26

I would. And have done. Just send a txt saying 'is such and such able to come to dd's party this weekend. I did send an invite out but not sure if you got it.'


oneowlgirl · 21/06/2015 22:28

I've text non responders previously also, so I'd say yes, text.


nikinaki · 21/06/2015 22:29

Yes I would text :) you need to know and it's easy for some parents to forget about it. No harm in texting


MissDuke · 21/06/2015 22:30

Yes, this is fine! I am sure the late response is not deliberate and most will appreciate the reminder. I would just say 'Hi, haven't saw you around so thought I would send a quick text to double check if XXX is coming to the party on Saturday. Thanks :-) ' or whatever seems appropriate. Obviously you cannot write that if you see them everyday Grin


boodles · 21/06/2015 22:32

I would also be tempted to add 'if we don't hear by x date then we will assume x child can't come'


sallyst123 · 21/06/2015 22:32

Ooh it's horrible when people don't respond.
I have usually spotted mum/dad on playground & asked if they are coming. But to be fair I always cater/ prepare party bags for the amount invited cause people always turn up having forgotten to respond.


Earthbound · 21/06/2015 22:33

I have done this in the past. See no problems with doing so.


Cumbrae · 21/06/2015 22:35

Texting to chase is perfectly standard in our school.

Usually says something like :

Hi Cumbrae, just checking that Persephone's party invitation made it home. We'd love if Petunia could join us at the Softplay on Sat 4th at 2:30pm? It would be great if you could let me know so that I can confirm numbers. Thanks, Persephone's Mum x


hibbledibble · 21/06/2015 22:36

I echo dancing

It's quite likely the parents have not received the invites.


MetallicBeige · 21/06/2015 22:36

Do it, a party mum texted me this week to chase up the invitation - I wasn't even aware of it and felt really bad. Despite my regular bag checks/asking DC1 is a bit rubbish at getting them from the classroom to home.


LiegeAndLief · 21/06/2015 22:49

Brilliant. Thanks everyone. I will chase tomorrow!

OP posts:

Karoleann · 21/06/2015 23:16

Yes, do that too and int he case of DS2 who is really unsociable (like his dad) and only wants 4 children at his party....I actually accost them in the playground and ask if their children are coming. Smile

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