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To expect my upstairs neighbour to be quiet

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StressedOutred · 20/06/2015 18:54

I had this problem with another woman who lived upstairs now I'm going through the same thing, when the property was vacant it was the best time.
I'm a pensioner and a young woman moved in upstairs, she makes a lot of noise.
Last week she was moving furniture at around 12pm, I knocked and she ignored me.
Earlier she was sanding for about half hour and I knocked on her door to ask her to stop and she slammed the door in my face. It was 2pm but why should she be sanding for so long on a Saturday!
She has her tv on until about 11pm nearly every night, I banged on the wall and I slam doors but she ignores me.
usually she never answers the door, in fact the above incident was the first time she answered the door when I felt she was making to much noise.
she has now resulted in stomping around, I could hear her walking but I'm assuming she has now taken off her slippers because I can hear her heels hitting the floor.
She has got more inconsiderate just because I complained to her.
I got so pissed off I started slamming doors because it's really stressing me out.

I met her when she first moved in and told her not to play loud music and get a thick carpet because I had issues with the last woman, she seemed okay with it.

I have lived here 25years and whilst this social housing i am a pensioner and she should naturally respect my wishes and the fact I was here first.

How do I deal with this?
The landlord has said it is 'normal living noise' but I beg to differ. It is within the afternoon most of her noise but that doesn't give her a right to irritate me. Aibu?

OP posts:

Catswiththumbs · 20/06/2015 18:56

Haha Biscuit


SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius · 20/06/2015 18:56

Is this a reverse?

It sounds like most of the noise she is making is not particularly unreasonable or antisocial. I'm afraid I agree with the landlord.


MayPolist · 20/06/2015 18:56

obvious reverse


ginmakesitallok · 20/06/2015 18:56



Catswiththumbs · 20/06/2015 18:57


I can't reiterate that enough. HTH


ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged · 20/06/2015 18:57



NerrSnerr · 20/06/2015 18:57

Of course it's a reverse. Tell us from your perspective and we might be able to give constructive advice.


RedBlu · 20/06/2015 18:59


That is normal living noise and is to be expected in flats. You are being unreasonably and if I was her, I would be very fed up with you


HungryHorace · 20/06/2015 18:59

A reverse or somebody deluded!

The landlord is right, you will just have to put up with it.


DonkeyOaty · 20/06/2015 19:00

Is this a TAAT? Or a reverse?


Stressedoutred · 20/06/2015 19:03

I don't know what a reverse is and This is stressing me out

OP posts:

LaurieFairyCake · 20/06/2015 19:03

It's normal

Go out, you're the one that's irritated

Obvious reverse


Stressedoutred · 20/06/2015 19:04

I did name change if that what it means

OP posts:

reni1 · 20/06/2015 19:05

I have lived here 25years and whilst this social housing i am a pensioner and she should naturally respect my wishes and the fact I was here first. shows that it is a reverse. Post your point of view and see what advice you get.


Pipbin · 20/06/2015 19:06

A reverse is when some posts as the other person in the situation. So in this situation the person posting is actually the woman upstairs pretending to be the pensioner downstairs.


Scoopmuckdizzy · 20/06/2015 19:06



ilovesooty · 20/06/2015 19:07

Oh God. Another bloody name changer.
Perhaps it's unsurprising that you don't want your normal username associated with something so ludicrous.


PotOfYoghurt · 20/06/2015 19:07

I hate reverses. What is the point? It just makes me not like you.


AndNowItsSeven · 20/06/2015 19:09

Reverses are ry annoying, especially when you know yanbu.


ginghambunny · 20/06/2015 19:09

Hate obvious reverses


AnyoneForTennis · 20/06/2015 19:09

Usual weekend rubbish


ghostyslovesheep · 20/06/2015 19:12



DonkeyOaty · 20/06/2015 19:13

Look OP, tell us straight,

You are the mum and the neighbour is complaining unfairly about normal family stuff, yes?


londonrach · 20/06/2015 19:13

Its the weekend isnt it?


TerryTheGreenHorse · 20/06/2015 19:17

Well reverse or not I had similar fucking ridiculous complaints from a hectoring downstairs neighbour and called noise at the council to report my own self and save her a job and they told me they will do absolutely nothing about the daily noises of everyday living.

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