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To be driven to distraction by ever changing luggage allowances?

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PosyNarker · 25/06/2013 20:29

DP and I are going to a mountain resort, hillwalking.

This year they have changed the rules again so that we can share a luggage allowance but only over 2 bags (so no rucksack in the hold). Oh and cabin baggage must be small.

So far, DP and I have weighed the suitcases, changed one for a bloody holdall, filled them, weighed them, switched stuff around and weighed them again. Grin Hmm

I have measured my daypack with a ruler (& put in compression straps because it's borderline) and I am travelling in my hiking boots.

We're still going to be caught out by something at the bloody airport, aren't we? Grin

OP posts:

MoonlightandRoses · 25/06/2013 23:06

Yes, yes you are! Let's see - liquids (including creams) over 100mls? Random pair of shoes? One jacket too many? Or, compression strap breaks on the way back and you both have to wear your washing? (Still, at least that one would guarantee you seats together.)

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