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To ask for some hand holding (and ideas)?

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LongGoneBeforeDaylight · 24/06/2013 11:25

Five years ago whilst at law school I suffered very badly with glandular fever - everything was affected; liver, spleen, eyesight. Was bedridden for a year and then after that went through up and down periods. Ibis he'd law school with difficulty (but distinction Grin).

Worked from home for a couple of years doing admin (on one occasion, for a friend I was at law school with who was a lawyer now Confused) and gradually got a lot better.
In 2011 was well enough to start work as a lawyer. Had absolutely no time off for 18 months. Had a whale of a time and was doing really well. Trusted my body again, felt really healthy, had some therapy to tidy up some of the anxiety I felt about it coming back.

I got the flu in April. I had had colds since being sick but I think this was my first flu. Laid up for a week, then went back to work, was okay. Starting getting a bit tired/persistent sore throat. Went to Paris on holiday as planned and basically caught something else (or the flu came back). Been laid up ever since (6 weeks Hmm).

Worse, I don't actually think I'm getting better - would be coping better if could see gradual improvement but I actually think I have got worse.

Anyway. I'm just devastated to be ill again after not a single day off in 18 months. I'm 28 now, and feel like I have wasted my 20s on this nonsense. I want to be back being a lawyer Hmm

Also, I am very bored. When I was ill with glandular fever I wrote a blog detailing it and it got into company magazine! I still write that blog but I have a good 10 hours on my own every day and I am really not well enough to move Hmm.

Hand holding and suggestions for occupying my mind welcome.

OP posts:

DonkeysDontRideBicycles · 24/06/2013 13:23

I don't have any brilliant cures but so sorry you feel flattened by this . Hope you recover very soon.


HeadFairy · 24/06/2013 13:29

Gosh, I thought I had glandular fever badly. I was off school for four months, sounds like you've had a terrible time.

I assume you're under some long term care for this? I know that's not what you asked about, but I'm curious as to what the doctors thinking is on how long you're likely to be laid up for.

Can you concentrate enough to read? Listen to the radio?


LongGoneBeforeDaylight · 24/06/2013 13:37

Concentration isn't an issue at all, just sitting or standing.

You'd think, wouldn't you? Doctors shrug and go "post viral fatigue"... Rest and lots of fluids. Doctors are rubbish with viral stuff Hmm

OP posts:

HeadFairy · 24/06/2013 14:03

Gosh I'm shocked (about the doctors that is)! I hate it when they shrug off something they can't explain, especially when it impacts your life so much.

Could you do some online training/qualifications so that when you are better (note when :o) you can leap back in to your career?


DonkeysDontRideBicycles · 24/06/2013 14:04

My concern would be, how to keep your circulation moving, without overdoing it. Are you able to sit outdoors to get sunshine? Someone here must know about sitting exercises. Something slow and cautious, maybe build up by a minute a week walking. Stopping soon enough before you damage yourself is probably key.


LongGoneBeforeDaylight · 24/06/2013 14:33

I am getting up to make cups of tea and lunch etc, can have a bath. All with v bad fatigue (and sometimes pain) but am not never moving at all...

Sigh. Am watching Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. My brain is melting...

OP posts:

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 24/06/2013 14:48

Online CPD and webinars so at least you get all your CPD for the year sorted.

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