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To wonder when it became acceptable to through glasses/ bottles of piss at a concert?

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Bearbehind · 23/06/2013 21:34

I went to a concert this weekend and the standing area was full of flying glasses and bottles of piss from skanky bastards who were too lazy to go to the loo and risk lose their place in the crowd. Who on earth thinks that this is acceptable behaviour?

OP posts:
StuntGirl · 24/06/2013 00:48

Better than the bag of shit that got thrown at my mate though...

GreatGretzky · 24/06/2013 01:28

YANBU. Got hit with a cup of something during Blur at Hyde Park last year. I told myself it was warm beer but I'm pretty sure it wasn't really!

SolidGoldBrass · 24/06/2013 01:34

Er, sometimes it's criticism. Not that I've ever done any such thing myself of course, the only time I was moved to hurl something at a performer it was an empty plastic cup, but I remember discussing the then-new phenomenon of the SheWee cardboard doodahs and whether or not they would make it easier for us burds to join in the critical commentary on particularly rubbish live acts like the Stone Roses and suggesting that someone ought to sponsor a Specially-for-Coldplay device that you could shit in and hurl at the stage...

AKissIsNotAContract · 24/06/2013 03:05

I'm into hip hop and I've never seen or heard of this happening at a hip hop gig.

AmberLeaf · 24/06/2013 03:14

Agree, that would never happen at a hip hop gig.

It's disgusting. If I got hit by someones piss and I knew who had thrown it, I would beat them up. I mean that!

What musician is that good that you'd run the risk of having piss thrown at you if you go to see them?

LilBlondePessimist · 24/06/2013 03:16

SGB, I just actually cried laughing at your post!!!

Thank god I've never experienced this, I'd throw up .

LilBlondePessimist · 24/06/2013 03:17

'What musician is that good that you'd run the risk of having piss thrown at you if you go to see them?'

Dave Grohl Grin

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