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Mobile phones

4 replies

thebody · 23/06/2013 21:03

Hi just a quikki. Can you make reverse charge calls from an out of battery mobile.

Dd was out tonight and had no idea of this service. Sure it exists any ideas? not helpful.

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cozietoesie · 23/06/2013 21:03

Do you mean out of credit?


HollyBerryBush · 23/06/2013 21:04

if it has no battery it wont connect will it?


cozietoesie · 23/06/2013 21:06

If it's 'out of credit' you've maybe been looking up the wrong thing. I've never used it but there seem to be plenty of references for the different phone providers. 0800 REVERSE or something.


thebody · 23/06/2013 21:10

Sorry am a prat yes mean out of credit. Ok cheers cozie will investigate.

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