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To want to drink whisky!

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qualitytoffee · 23/06/2013 00:00

I had two teeth extracted under sedation yesterday, and i've been gurgling with tepid salty water all day, and taking a few loads of painkillers all day, but the pain is awful. I know my gums have to heal, and i can't eat (whinge)
Anyways, i have to go back again next thursday to repeat the process, (molars). would it not be easier to tie a string around my teeth and slam a door?

OP posts:

JazzAnnNonMouse · 23/06/2013 00:22

Have you been told not to drink?
If not crack open the bottle!


JazzAnnNonMouse · 23/06/2013 00:23

Also try clove oil


Startail · 23/06/2013 00:29

Pain killers and booze is not a good idea, however crap you feel.

Sorting vibes are probably useless, but have some any way.


gobbynorthernbird · 23/06/2013 01:08

Never unreasonable to drink whisky. Well, after the AM schoolrun at least.


WilsonFrickett · 23/06/2013 01:09

Oh no, strong booze will make you feel worse overall, I promise. Go to bed. Do you have a hot water bottle to snuggle up with?

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