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To think that most people would agree that driving on the phone is stupid

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PseudoBadger · 22/06/2013 22:48

Why then, do I see so very many people doing it on every journey I take? Does no one actually give a shit?

OP posts:

Sparrowlegs248 · 22/06/2013 22:50

They don't give a shit. Sure they would if they crashed and killed/maimed people/themselves/friends etc. Not only are people talking on the phone (bad enough) but texting and facebooking!!! Feckin morons.


HeySoulSister · 22/06/2013 22:50

stupid|? its illegal


WorraLiberty · 22/06/2013 22:51


I was nearly run over on a crossing the other day by a twat sending a text.

He saw me and started to slow down as the lights went read, but didn't fully stop the car and I had to run forward to avoid being hit.

He had both arms resting on the steering wheel...and his phone in both hands.

Stupid bastard.


PseudoBadger · 22/06/2013 22:53

I know it's illegal! But when I see approximately 1 in 5 people doing it I start to doubt reality.

OP posts:

specialsubject · 22/06/2013 22:54

it actually seems to be getting more prevalent since it was made illegal. I had some stupid cow drive after me when I yelled at her for driving with phone in one hand and burger in the other. I was on foot, she was in a traffic jam, so I just walked away.

hopefully she has since driven into a tree.

never a policeman around when you need one.


LunaticFringe · 22/06/2013 22:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 22/06/2013 22:59

I was a passenger in dd's car recently, the van in front was driving irratically, as she passed him I could see he had a book, opened and propped on the steering wheel in front of him.


Mintyy · 22/06/2013 23:04

I also find it astonishing. Saw a Mum who could so easily be a Mumsnetter driving up my road (which has a primary school and two nurseries on it) whilst texting the other day. I wanted to fucking smash her Lexus with a hammer.


PseudoBadger · 22/06/2013 23:06

Everyone thinks it'll never happen to them.

OP posts:

ChaosTrulyReigns · 22/06/2013 23:09

I am amazed by the amount of people on the phone in the car.

I saw someone messing on an eBay app whole their phone was on the cradle on slow moving traffic th other day.

I get quite emotional about the innocent potential victims if their extreme arrogance.


ChaosTrulyReigns · 22/06/2013 23:10

Do I mean arrogance?


Sparklingbrook · 22/06/2013 23:12

Yes, I see it all the time. Also the people that have managed to at least stop to answer the call but on a bend/brow of a hill/in the middle of the road with their hazards flashing. Hmm


Startail · 22/06/2013 23:13

Making it illegal has just made life round here more dangerous.

Now delivery drivers wait until they are off the main road (where there are often police cars) and use their phones on our single track, blind bend, lane instead. Angry


SquinkiesRule · 23/06/2013 01:33

I always see Mums on their phones at school pick up, driving through the pick up line in the, car park, rolling through the stop sign at the school entrance, someones child is going to get hit by one of these idiot parents.


nowaydude · 23/06/2013 08:23


I still don't get whay so many people do it either. Bunch of idiots.


mummymccar · 23/06/2013 08:29

YANBU - I was nearly run over on a pelican crossing the other day by a woman driving over the speed limit on the phone. Thank god I didn't have my toddler with me, she would've smashed right into the stroller if I had.


scissy · 23/06/2013 08:36

YANBU. As a non-driver this really irks me, I nearly got hit by a texting driver once on a crossing Angry he then gave me evils as if I was doing something wrong!
There was an article on the bbc last year which included a bunch of random text messages, turns out they were what people were sending from their phones just before they had an accident that killed themselves or someone else. Sobering reading.


Tee2072 · 23/06/2013 08:40

I don't see it much in Belfast, actually, I think because for awhile the cops were being really vigilant about catching people and fining them. The fine is just under £100, I think.

I don't drive any more, but when I did, I never did this. Isn't this why there's voice mail?


OnTheNingNangNong · 23/06/2013 09:15

It's all to common round here. You regularly see the ambulance or fire crews shouting at twats on the phone while driving.

It pisses me off as I'm sure there's very few urgent calls that need to be made while driving.


livinginwonderland · 23/06/2013 09:20

The police around here will yell at you and pull you over if they catch you. Key word being IF. There aren't enough policemen around and there are too many idiots who would rather talk on the phone than drive safely.


NicknameIncomplete · 23/06/2013 09:34

My dd thinks i am a bit strange because if we are walking along the road or waiting to cross a road i will point out those driving while using their phones.

Why would you want to put your life & others in danger?


hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 23/06/2013 09:38

It pisses me off as I'm sure there's very few urgent calls that need to be made while driving

No call is that important, it can wait until the driver find somewhere to pull over and stop the car.


Sianilaa · 23/06/2013 09:44

See far too many people doing it. A woman in a carpark was texting and driving and nearly ran me and my children over. I took a photo of her on my own phone, caught in the act as she didnt even notice. She started screaming abuse at me when she realised what I was doing though. I wish I had taken that photo to the police but didn't think they'd do anything about it.


BringBackBod · 23/06/2013 09:53

What are the consequences if caught? (non driver here)
Whatever they are, they need to be tougher.


fluckered · 23/06/2013 09:56

i totally agree with everyone here however and i'm sure i'll be flamed for this, I doubt very much that all the drivers that has posted so far have NEVER made a call/text while driving. including me. have you ever applied lippy? eaten a bar of chocolate? had a coffee while driving? have seen many work vans in morning on way to work with drivers eating a breakfast roll and having a coffee while driving. that's just as dangerous.

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