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To unplug the baby monitor whilst babysitting?

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LiegeAndLief · 22/06/2013 20:20

I am sitting for a friend tonight and was looking for somewhere to plug my laptop in (old and shitty, battery has gone) so I can work. There are no free plugs and the only traceable one is connected to a baby monitor.

There is one flight of stairs between us, both doors open.

The dc are 5 and 7. Years.

OP posts:

EhricLovesTeamQhuay · 22/06/2013 20:21

Do it. Fuck sake.


PickleSarnie · 22/06/2013 20:22

Is the flight of stairs 1000 steps high? Are the walls made of lead?! Why on earth would someone have a monitor for a 5 and 7 year old? !


ChunkyChicken · 22/06/2013 20:22

Bloody hell. If they were months then maybe, but surely, at that age, they can physically get themselves up & make themselves heard if they need you...

By all means, unplug but check when you re-plug that they're both ok. Oh, and don't tell the parents Wink


Goldmandra · 22/06/2013 20:23

I'd only use a baby monitor for children that age to hear if they were larking about instead of going to sleep. If you don't feel the need for that or they're already asleep I'd turn it off.

I assume that if you're working on a laptop the tv will be off so nothing would drown out the sound of a child calling out.


Sirzy · 22/06/2013 20:23

YANBU. At 5 and 7 they will be able to come down if they have a problem or at least shout you.

That said, probably best to plug it back in just before the parents arrive back as they are obviously paranoid


DawnOfTheDee · 22/06/2013 20:23

I would plug the laptop in. And close the doors. And stick the telly on.


LiegeAndLief · 22/06/2013 20:24

I should probably mention that I was so sure I was not being unreasonable that I have already done it (hence MNing on laptop! no work done yet...)

Stairs normal height and walls appear to be made from traditional materials.

OP posts:

MatersMate · 22/06/2013 20:26

Jeeeeeeesus, do you think that's just for the sitter or do they have it all the time? Shock


LiegeAndLief · 22/06/2013 20:26

Tv is on. I'm great at multitasking Wink. But pretty quiet. Dc know me well so would definitely be fine calling out and I'm pretty sure they're asleep (going to check in a minute now that I have unplugged monitor!).

OP posts:

sydlexic · 22/06/2013 20:27

I would leave it on, I would follow the wishes of the parents but I am probably on my own.


hazeyjane · 22/06/2013 20:29

No I would leave it on too, if it was there and on, I would assume there was a good reason, and if it just what they feel happier with, then that would be good enough reason for me.


LiegeAndLief · 22/06/2013 20:32

I am very fond of this friend but I can well believe they have it on all the time.

I've sat quite a few times before and have never noticed it but it's fairly unobstrusive, only found it because I was searching for a plug. The dc are usually quiet so wouldn't have noticed if it was on because I don't think they've ever made a noise when I've been here.

OP posts:

AmyFarrahFowlerCooper · 22/06/2013 20:32

YABU. You've been trusted with the children and the parents obviously want the monitor on. Don't break that trust.


Goldmandra · 22/06/2013 20:33

I would follow the wishes of the parents but I am probably on my own

If the parents have expressed a wish that the monitor is used that would be different. The OP hasn't mentioned them doing so.

Maybe the parents have the tv on very loud or only use it until the children are asleep.

Have you been asked to use it OP?


LiegeAndLief · 22/06/2013 20:37

No, they never mentioned the monitor.

Feeling a bit bad now after the last few posts. Just been up to check, 5yo is sparko, 7yo still awake but lying quietly in bed. Had a little chat and he seems perfectly happy. I honestly don't think I would hear them much louder through the monitor than I would through the two open doors!

OP posts:

pigletmania · 22/06/2013 20:38

Yanbu at all, at 5 and 7 unplug the blooming things, they are old enough to get you if they need you. Have they got SN?


verytellytubby · 22/06/2013 21:21

I just snorted. 5 and 7.


Goldmandra · 22/06/2013 21:33

They've asked you to look after their children because they trust you to make decisions which keep them safe. They haven't asked you to use the monitor or given you any information which leads you to think it's necessary.

The monitor is there for you to use if you feel that you need it in the same way as there are drinks if the children are thirsty and clean bedclothes if they wet the bed.

The fact that they are there does not imply that they wish you to use them.

I have used a monitor for my ten year old relatively recently because she has AS and was utterly terrified of calling out or coming to find me. She could only tap gently on the microphone. If we'd had a babysitter in that period we would have made sure they knew to leave it on and why.


megandraper · 22/06/2013 21:41

We still have a monitor for our 5yo (and the 3yo and the 2yo). But their bedrooms are 2 floors above the living room, and we have the TV on pretty loud. Would definitely not hear them if they called otherwise. Don't know when we'll stop using monitors, but not for quite a long time I think.


Tee2072 · 22/06/2013 21:44

I will probably still have a monitor when my son is 5, unless it stops working before then. He's just turned 4.

He simply does not call out. Ever. Or get out of bed.

But sometimes he can't sleep and just lies there and waits for me to see why not.

shrug Do what you want OP. But I would imagine the parents have the monitor for a reason.


ChippingInWiredOnCoffee · 22/06/2013 21:49

People use monitors for a variety of reasons - there really isn't any need for the sneery comments.

In your case OP I'm sure it will be fine as I'm sure they'd have said if you needed to leave it on.

Maybe it's something as simple as one of the kids being a pain in the arse at bedtime and being told to 'Stay in bed or else' and the parents wanting to listen to make sure they are.

Maybe they like watching TV very loud and prefer to shut the doors etc

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