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To not feel guilty about this?

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startwig1982 · 22/06/2013 16:05

We're going to a bring an share BBQ tomorrow so I've been making a cheesecake most of the afternoon.
Anyway, DH wanted to go and buy a couple of things with ds(2). He wanted me to come as he wasn't feeling that confident about managing DS on his own(no idea why). I couldn't go as the cheesecake was in the oven and only had 20 minutes left. I did suggest going after, but DH wanted to go then.
So they went and have just returned. Apparently, it was a disaster as DS screamed the entire time and DH was so embarrassed he left without buying anything.
While I do feel for him, as it's unpleasant having a screaming toddler, I don't feel that bad, as he needs to experience this by himself!!

OP posts:

startwig1982 · 22/06/2013 16:06

Sorry, AIBU for not feeling guilty about not going?

OP posts:

Justforlaughs · 22/06/2013 16:09

No, next time he'll wait!


LindyHemming · 22/06/2013 16:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bringmewineandcake · 22/06/2013 16:10

Nope! No guilt at all. Definitely not BU.


TigOldBitties · 22/06/2013 16:13

Nope, he needs to learn to deal with him.


squeakytoy · 22/06/2013 16:15

sounds like it would have been easier for him to just go on his own while you entertained the toddler at home.


StuffezLaYoni · 22/06/2013 16:19

Well he needs to learn how to deal with a screaming toddler while out in public, doesn't he? I see plenty of mums in Tesco with a bawling child, getting the shopping done in spite of snotty looks, as opposed to being embarrassed and walking out.

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