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To ride a bicycle despite being an elephant?

32 replies

annabanana84 · 21/06/2013 23:01

I've just got a new bicycle and have learnt to ride it and absolutely love it! As well as giving me a lot of joy, it's a great workout, yet doesn't feel like I'm doing much exercise because it's so fun!

All good, right? Well, not quite. As I'm over 20 stone, a few people I know have said to me that I must look ridiculous at my hefty size on a bicycle. I feel self concious while riding because of their comments, but I've cycled past teenagers, adults and kids and had no double aghast looks from any of them!

OP posts:

ChairmanWow · 21/06/2013 23:06

Who are these people? If they are supposedly friends then please tell them to fuck off. I'm sure nobody bats an eyelid at you riding a bike. In fact you say yourself that this appears to be the case. Cycling is ace - enjoy it and ignore these losers.


CocacolaMum · 21/06/2013 23:07

The people who said it are utter cunts, god love em. Do your cycling, have fun, get healthy!!! I tip my hat to you :)

Mind if I ask (I am an elephant too), what bike have you got?? I was just wondering because I have been looking at getting one. I have been told that I will look funny as well and 1 tit even said "wouldn't you feel more comfortable on an exercise bike?" errrm no!!


Sunnysummer · 21/06/2013 23:11

Elephants should really not ride bicycles as their lack of toes makes their pedal grip fundamentally unsafe, and they rarely fit the required helmets.

You, on the other hand, sound totally fine! I can't imagine why people would see anything odd about people of any size on a bike, or why they'd say something like that to you... Are they jealous? Grumpy with you for some other reason?

Cycling is such fun and great exercise, and it's so good that now people don't feel like it's only for Lycra-clad triathlete types, it makes the roads so much more cycle-friendly and safe for the rest of us non-athletes! Hope you have an awesome time, and if you do get any funny looks, just be aware that it's probably nothing to do with you and everything to do with the looker just disliking cyclists in general.


Disappearing · 21/06/2013 23:12

How rude! I'm amazed anyone has the nerve to say something like that.

At the risk of coming across as patronising - recently I've noticed a large woman cycling most days as I commute to work, I've been doing the same route for >5 years but I've only noticed her the past couple of months or so so I presume it's a recent change for her to cycle. She's got good pace (usu overtakes my car while I'm stuck in a jam), and I thought "well done to you!"


sweettooth99 · 21/06/2013 23:14

This reply has been deleted

We've removed this as the OP has privacy concerns.

LilMissSunshine9 · 21/06/2013 23:20

I'm fairly large but I get out on my road bike because I love cycling, infact I first lost all my weight from cycling - had amazing abs, toned arms and legs but after a number of events in my life weight has piled back on. For a while I was self conscious of getting on my bike but I love the feeling I get from cycling so I don't let it stop me. I might be large but I can still cycle 10 miles - takes me a bit longer than it used to but I know i'll get back to my normal speed if I keep at it.

Ignore everyone else your doing this for yourself and who cares if people stare your unlikely to ever see them again.

Good luck and keep it up :)


ChocsAwayInMyGob · 21/06/2013 23:55

If you are an elephant you will have four legs and will therefore need a tandem.

If you are not a real elephant, I think good for you, get stuck in, I think you're great. The people you ride past are just nobodies that you don't know. They are probably jealous of your shiny bike.


aldiwhore · 22/06/2013 01:22

Unless you are a fish, you should ride a bicycle, and even if your are a fish, if you like it, do it.

If you love it, and do it often enough, you won't be as big soon enough and will laugh and laugh and laugh at all those who told you that you shouldn't.

Do not listen to these people that you know, they sound very rude, I do hope you're not married to any of them! Go for it, I salute you.


timidviper · 22/06/2013 01:24

In brief OP - fuck them!

Good for you


LittleprincessinGOLDrocks · 22/06/2013 01:42

I don't see why not, A hippo rides a bike in DD's favourite book. He can ride it any where he likes.
I highly doubt it would be any more difficult for an elephant than a hippo.... I guess it depends on the length of your trunk... hmmm might need to analyse this further.

Wait a minute... how can an Elephant use a computer?! OP are you an Elephant imposter?? Hmm Grin

YANBU - you ignore the idiots and keep up with cycling! Enjoy!


AgentZigzag · 22/06/2013 01:45

Aye, fuck anyone who thinks they've got a right to an opinion on what you look like.

I love cycling and haven't managed to get out this year yet (tyre's fucked) I'm really missing it, wind in your hair, insects up your nose/in eyes/mouth, dodging car drivers who haven't looked properly, pedestrians walking out in front of you, pot holes catapulting you...

No, honestly, I've really missed it Grin

I've found it's not so hard on my knees as walking as well, bonus.


OhMerGerd · 22/06/2013 03:46

Another heffalump on a bike here. Sod the neigh sayers...I have discovered a 3/4 leggings and tunic top combo which is comfy and presentable should I decide to stop off at the shops or anything. I'm loving cycling and its toning those parts waist down that are my most concerning. I don't care whether I get funny looks or comments(can't say I've noticed any) because I am having fun and I'm glad to be fit enough and physically able to ride my bike. Celebrate each peddle rotation and uphill triumph.
Need to get out on my bike this evening if it's not raining... The days I cycle I am less insomniac!


OTheHugeManatee · 22/06/2013 07:47

YANBU. Ride your bike! And next time someone has the temerity to be rude about your dimensions challenge them to a time trial Grin


1Veryhungrycaterpillar · 22/06/2013 08:24

What a nasty unnecessary thing to say, do what you enjoy and if anyon is thinking anything you won't know/care as you whizz past them


poachedeggs · 22/06/2013 08:35

OP I am a big heffalump and I started mountain biking last year. I've been to a few skills sessions and joined in a few rides with 'proper riders' and I couldn't give a shit if I look like an elephant or Vicky P, it's fun!

Lovely DH recently bought me a brand new bike with his tax rebate, bless him, so now I look like an overequipped heffalump Grin but who cares, it's FUN!


Prawntoast · 22/06/2013 08:38

Tell them to get stuffed! Cycling is brilliant, great exercise and so many more people doing it of all shapes and sizes.


Notgoingto · 22/06/2013 08:39

Keep the bicycle, lose the people who said something so stupid to you. Everyone looks good on a bicycle.


OwlinaTree · 22/06/2013 08:39

Ride your bike, take no notice of meanies.

Wear a helment tho. DH came off his bike this week, would have been a serious head injury without one.

Good luck!


Anifrangapani · 22/06/2013 08:45

You are out having fun. Do it.

I used to be self conscious when I ran. Now I have being doing it for a while I realised that all the looks I got were encoragement.

As for the people you know - how do they expect you to lose weight. Do they feel it is better to go on a restrictive diet rather than doing something you love.


ManifestoMT · 22/06/2013 08:59

I am of the elephant persuasion and my bike is a sit up and beg with a wicker basket.
I love it.
A great app is "ride my bike."It's got local cycling rides that other people have done already. It really good. You could also meet up with people to go for bike rides together. I am too shy for that. Skyride is also a good site

I also recommend buying a Brooke's saddle, blissful.
It holds your bum in its soft leather and steel springs no razor blade chaffing at all. It cost a bit but the peace you bet from a decent saddle. Ahhhh..


MrsLouisTheroux · 22/06/2013 09:00

I feel self concious while riding because of their comments, but I've cycled past teenagers, adults and kids and had no double aghast looks from any of them
Because not everyone is as idiotic as the people who made those comments to you OP.
Enjoy it! :)


TempusFuckit · 22/06/2013 09:07

When I started cycling to work I was 16.5 stone. I was dreading it, put it off for weeks as I was convinced my colleagues would have a laughing fit at the sight of me puffing up the hill past their bus stop.

My first day, I wobbled up to them, bracing myself for the worst. They all looked surprised, then genuinely impressed, and warmly cheered me on.

By the time I left that job less than a year later, I had shed four stone. By then I was also running and doing long distance cycling, and was back to a slim-for-me 10st by my wedding a year after that.

Go for it, you won't regret it.


pinkandsparklytoo · 22/06/2013 09:08

I have lost 4 stone this year and keep meaning to get out on my bike. Before losing weight I was 19 stone and occasionally attached a trailer to my bike with the 6 year old in it and have the 2 year old in the bike seat. Now that was a killer. I don't remember getting any funny looks though. Ignore the "friend" and carry on. They are probably jealous of you getting fit and having fun


MyCarHasBrokenDownAgain · 22/06/2013 09:27

Sod em! I'm as big as you (plus a bit), my partner a few more stone - we both love going out on our bikes . DH also often has DS attached to the back with a Trailgator, and he loves it (lazy little bugger).

Both our bikes came from the local tip for £15 each - DH sorted brakes and a puncture and off we went! Never had a funny looks, and who cares if we did? They're the saps walking whilst we whizz past! Grin


MyCarHasBrokenDownAgain · 22/06/2013 09:32

Disclaimer: Actually, we did get some funny looks; whilst cycling along the local undercliff path, DH was chugging along when DS (whilst being pulled along of course) starts singing 'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside' at the top of his squeaky 7 year old voice. I hung back ... a lot Grin

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