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To wonder if other people's tax credits have gone down loads

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pouffepants · 21/06/2013 18:10

Just got my thingy back from them, which will need some deciphering at some point, but at first glance we seem to have a big drop.

There's a couple of reasons why this could be, but just wondering if rates have gone down loads, as a starting point for figuring it.

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Shutupanddrive · 21/06/2013 18:13

Mines near enough the same as it was before (Phew). Have your circumstances changed?


pouffepants · 21/06/2013 19:13

They have a bit, but the credits have gone down more than my wage has gone up. Maybe we've reached a threshhold?

Earnings are approx 35k for family, and before anyone says, actually I don't think the state should subsidise us, so although we will massively miss the money I think it's right that people on our kind of money support ourselves. I'm just trying to figure it out, is all.

Also it says that ds is no longer classed as a child for tax credit purposes. He's staying on in education so I thought it'd be the same as child benefit, but maybe not?

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jellybeans · 21/06/2013 19:17

It will be because your child turns 16 probably. Give them a ring and tell them he is staying on in education and they should put it back up.


lougle · 21/06/2013 19:18

Rates have gone up, but thresholds have lowered.


pouffepants · 21/06/2013 19:36

I've still got 2 under 16s though, so I wouldn't have thought it would affect things that much.

OP posts:

qualitytoffee · 21/06/2013 19:37

I earn £15,900 /year, and i have been awarded £6:95 a month. How does that work then? Confused


lougle · 21/06/2013 19:38

Qualitytoffee, do you have children?


financialwizard · 21/06/2013 19:40

If your child is under 20 and in full time education and your family brought in less than 26k 2012-2013 you are entitled according to the tax credit page on the HMRC website.


qualitytoffee · 21/06/2013 19:41

I do lougle he's 17, and in full time education, i'm also a single parent, still very confused xx


JackieTheFart · 21/06/2013 19:42

Quality - probably because you don't have children and/or have a high earning partner? Or other benefits? I think certain other benefits lower the income from tax credits?

Mine went down by about £40 a week, but when the paperwork came through they had made a mistake. Took me FOUR tries to get through as after five minutes they would terminate the call saying they 'didn't have anyone available'. When I finally got through to someone, she very sniffily told me it was only an estimate - which I said was fine, but they'd put the income in wrong!

Very annoyed?


JackieTheFart · 21/06/2013 19:43

Quality - are you paying back a big overpayment?


JackieTheFart · 21/06/2013 19:43

And that should have been - Very annoying!


qualitytoffee · 21/06/2013 19:47

no jackie i've always been upfront and honest about my earnings and i've been a single ma for 17 years, i do get £400 /month from the CSA though, does that count? I'm sorry, i'm a daft bint when it comes to stuff like this! Blush


Purplehonesty · 21/06/2013 19:48

Mine have gone to zero. We have one income of about 29 k


ImperialBlether · 21/06/2013 19:51

I don't think the CSA money counts, quality.


pouffepants · 21/06/2013 19:59

Purple, how does yours compare to last year?

OP posts:

NewAtThisMalarky · 21/06/2013 20:03

Have you told the tax credits people your child is staying on at school? You do get less for someone over 16, but you should still get something.


lougle · 21/06/2013 20:05

Quality, you need to query it. I've just put your figures through turn2us and got:

"Period:06/04/2013-05/04/2014 yearly £ weekly £
Initial Tax Credit award for period: £4,070.20 £78.06
Working Tax Credit: £799.80 £15.34
Child Tax Credit: £3,270.40 £62.72

Final Tax Credit award for period: £4,070.20 £78.06
Working Tax Credit: £799.80 £15.34
Child Tax Credit award: £3,270.40 £62.72


qualitytoffee · 21/06/2013 20:07

I haven't told the tax credit people new, but i still get child benefit for him, because of him staying on. I thought thats all i should do? Sorry again, like i say i'm useless at this Blush


NewAtThisMalarky · 21/06/2013 20:11

No, you have to tell tax credits separately, strange but true.


minsmum · 21/06/2013 20:11

You need to tell them they won't know you are still getting child benefit.


lougle · 21/06/2013 20:13

If you are counted as having no children (ie. you haven't told them your DS is continuing in education) then you are entitled to nothing, according to turn2us, so that's probably what it is.


Wereonourway · 21/06/2013 20:14

Hi there, you need to inform tax credits your dc is in full time non advanced education(ftnae) be armed with info about the course when you call. If said child has not been included since last sept you will receive backdated payment.

But do be aware of the following:
You will be paid automatically up to 31st August following hilds 16th birthday, it will continue if you inform them they are staying on in ftnae(provided course is "on their list" so to speak).

However(and I hope I can explain this) if you receive an award notice now, even if you have informed them of child continuing, it will only show child on award until 31/8/13, a new award will be generated on 1/9/13 to show changes.

As change is technically in future an award notice cannot be sent confirming it until the date it happens.

Oh and maintenance in any form is not included as income


qualitytoffee · 21/06/2013 20:16

Thank you so much lougle I really appreciate your help and going to all that trouble for me xx You are a star!

new thank you too lovely lady, i didn't know that! I'll get on the blower first thing Monday! xxx


Wereonourway · 21/06/2013 20:16

quality when was your ds 17?

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