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Not to want my 11 year old DD wearing Miss Sexy trousers for school?

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CambridgeBlue · 21/06/2013 13:08

Trying to get ahead with uniform buying for next term has bitten me on the bum because DD doesn't like the trousers she's been wearing any more and wants some 'Miss Sexy' ones instead. Apparently (and I do take this with a pinch of salt) hardly anyone wears 'those baggy ones' (ie normal bootcut black trousers) any more.

Apart from my intense dislike of the name of this brand, I also think they're completely impractical for school - DD is very slim so she'd look OK in them but I know from wearing skinny trousers/jeans myself that they're not that easy to do stuff in and that involuntarily showing off your underwear is often involved.

I'm torn because I remember how I hated my Mum not letting me wear a split skirt when everyone else did but everything in me says buying these stupid trousers for DD sends all sorts of wrong messages - that she has to follow the crowd, that what you look like is important at school (I'm fairly relaxed about what she wears outside of school) and that she can persuade me to do something just by using the line 'everyone else is/has...'.

Have to say I am sick of one battle after another about what other kids are doing just because their parents don't seem to give a toss half the time be as strict as I am.

OP posts:

Remotecontrolduck · 21/06/2013 13:10

Grim name, but if they're not hideously tight (i don't know what they look like), and look fairly decent I'd buy them. Better than a micro mini skirt!


50BalesOfHay · 21/06/2013 13:31

I felt just like you but gave in. We've had bigger battles and I just wasnt prepared to expend emotional energy on this one. As long as the school allows them I think at this age you have to decide what you'll go to the wire about


ilovechips · 21/06/2013 13:35

Same here - I gave in and bought them. DD was nagging for ages saying the usual "everyone has them" line, and to be fair to her for once she seems to be right, I see most of the girls in them now.


MalcolmTuckersMum · 21/06/2013 13:36

Try a bit of reverse psychology. Tell your DD she absolutely MUST have those trousers, they're all the rage (be sure to use outdated cringey terminology here - channel your teenage years!), she'll look just like everyone else which is very very important etc etc. It might not work, but since you've as good as lost anyway you might as well have some fun with it!


Wheresmycaffeinedrip · 21/06/2013 13:37

Yanbu. I've seen a lot of girls wearing those trousers, some have appeared very tight to. I cannot believe schools are allowing them to be honest. They don't look practical or smart. And certainly not something kids that age should be wearing.


Gossipmonster · 21/06/2013 13:41

My DD (yr 9) wears them - my issue is that they fall apart within a few weeks.


BabyDubsEverywhere · 21/06/2013 13:42

Trousers are trousers to me, I imagine for DC at school this in not the case, and she is the one who has to go there every day feeling uncomfortable in what she is wearing. I wouldn't go out feeling uncomfortable in what I was wearing, so I wouldn't send my child out that way either. If she wants the skinnies like her friends let her have them.

If you are worried about her succumbing to peer pressure then you need to address that - help her draw lines of what is harmlessly fitting in with the crowd (which we all do to an extent - particularly with fashion items!) and where this crosses into dangerous boarders - such as smoking/drinking/fucking up at school, etc.


dilanddan · 21/06/2013 14:41

Imo, they're just trousers, atleast she's not asking to wear a belt mini skirt.

It used to be exactly the same at my schools and you were picked on if you didn't try to look reasonably up to date with the trends :(


BeKindToYourKnees · 21/06/2013 14:43

I bought them for my 13 year old daughter, but cut the label out Smile


HeySoulSister · 21/06/2013 14:46

Op I just read your op to my dd's.... 19 and 17

We had the exact same arguments back when they were young! We are all giggling about it now together! We clearly remember the angst

Honestly, my girls turned out ok ... Let her have what everyone else is wearing.... I'm being thanked for it right now Grin


LilacPeony · 21/06/2013 14:49

Could you say "That's fine. I'm going to get some for myself too and i will pick you up from the school gate from now on so i can show off my new trendy trousers to your friends!" Wink


Mabelface · 21/06/2013 14:54

Baggy bootcut school trousers are now completely out and unfashionable. I'd agree with the pick your battles on this. As long as she's not showing her backside and they're not spray on tight, let her have them. I suffered horribly from my mum not listening to me at all with regard to uniform.


MiddleAgeMiddleEngland · 21/06/2013 14:59

Mine had them as they're slim and the baggy ones were dreadful. Some Miss Sexy styles are better than others. Like another poster, I also cut the label off. They are a pain to iron, though.

I am not known for encouraging extreme fashions, but have bad memories of having to wear really unfashionable clothes and vowed never to do that to my own children.

If the school really object, they'll let you know.


mrsjay · 21/06/2013 14:59

I cant remember where you buy those trousers but they are just like skinny jeans but tight trousers id let her get them dd still likes the comfy ones but she will be a senior in August and i can imagine she will want different trousers for school she has already showed me a belt teeny tiny skirt she likes sigh as long as her backside isn't on show she can wear what she likes


Mabelface · 21/06/2013 15:03

With the skirts, my DD and her friends all wear shorts underneath them.


olidusUrsus · 21/06/2013 15:04

Bootcut trousers are hideous. I've never flashed my undies in skinnies. My mum wouldn't let me have anything other than 'standard' (and therefore bootcut) school trousers so I stuck to skirts instead oh what a rebel(!)


mrsjay · 21/06/2013 15:04

I think dd will wear thick black tights with it as she doesn't want to the skank line to be seen her words not mine


thebody · 21/06/2013 15:05

Oh let her. Seriously bigger battles ahead that you need to win.


olidusUrsus · 21/06/2013 15:05

Oh my God just Googled and some of the Miss Sexy stuff is hideous!! Giant belt buckles the size of my face glued onto them! That's never what I wanted by skinny school trousers btw, I'd look for skinny styles in a brand without the cruddy name and weird accessories


Justforlaughs · 21/06/2013 15:06

Certainly all our local schools have a total ban on Miss Sexy Trousers. If girls turn up wearing them then they are sent home until replacements are purchased. Check your school uniform policy carefully. Other than that, it's entirely up to you. I don't have a massive problem with them as trousers, don't like the name, but frankly there are bigger things to worry about as your children get older.


mrsjay · 21/06/2013 15:08

I saw a girl walk past my window with school shirt and those disco pants on Shock so the miss sexy would look convetional Grin


comingintomyown · 21/06/2013 15:12

Been there and gave in quickly on the pick your battles basis

School is saying they are banned next year and uniform has to be from a certain supplier

Be interesting to see if it works, I support the idea but not paying to replace everything until I see they are going to enforce it

Also agree they are so poorly made and fall apart quickly


cantdoalgebra · 21/06/2013 15:13

There are bigger things to worry about later on down the line, and buying Miss Sexy stuff is the start of of many of them.


MadBusLady · 21/06/2013 15:20

I googled these curiously wondering if they had cut-out bums or something. Are they really that bad? Apart from the rather tacky fastenings. I have something very similar from Mint Velvet.


Mabelface · 21/06/2013 15:24

I've seen far worse than these trousers.

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