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to expect friends to actually include you in their plans?

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RainbowThistle · 21/06/2013 11:43

A group of friends ( or at least i thought they were) have recently stopped including me in any plans, family camps collective fancy dress competition, birthdays, bbqs. Not sure what I've done to offend them all but dont you think its a bit cheeky for them to organise an entry into the local festival fancy dress ( that about 40 of us normally do each year) not tell me anything. lie when asked if its happening this year and then ask to borrrow some of my equipment in order to make the fancy dress competitions!!! time to ditch them from the friends list i think. they seem to have dont it already Sad

OP posts:

Jestrin · 21/06/2013 11:46

Wow! I can't believe they have ditched you and yet want to borrow your things?? I hope you told them where to get off! I wonder what you have done? You need to find out! Flowers


sweetestcup · 21/06/2013 11:46

Have you actually asked them what the problem is, and if not, why not?


RainbowThistle · 21/06/2013 12:01

nope havent asked them if there is a problem. they havent really contacted me now since about august last year apart from to discuss school type issues. not sure if i have the strength of will to bother finding out why they are to be honest. I've invited them round to my house on a few occasions for drinks but nothing.

OP posts:

arabesque · 21/06/2013 17:07

What did you say when they asked to borrow your stuff?


SoleSource · 21/06/2013 17:33

Get rid.

Life is too short and ask why they haven't included you. Your gut instinct will tell you.


WipsGlitter · 21/06/2013 17:40

They haven't contacted you, or you have not contacted them?

I'm seeing two friends tonight - I'm seeing one of them tomorrow as well but haven't mentioned it to the other I've as I've not seen her for months despite repeated offers to meet up.

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