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To say DS1 (6yrs) & DS2 (4yrs) can't see Man of Steel?

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ttalloo · 21/06/2013 07:16

DH really wants to take the boys to see Man of Steel, saying that it might be a 12A, but as they've already seen all 6 Star Wars films, all of Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit, not to mention countless other crashbangwallop films, it shouldn't be too scary or difficult for them.

I take his point (they are a fairly bloodthirsty pair), but I'm still not comfortable with them seeing it - that 12A rating suggests to me that it's not a film for children as young as ours.

If you've seen it, please give me the benefit of your advice!

OP posts:

MsVestibule · 21/06/2013 09:32

I absolutely would not let young children (I have DCs the same age as yours) watch a 12A film. If it was deemed suitable, it would have been given a PG certificate. The other films you've mentioned - what are their ratings?


sparkle12mar08 · 21/06/2013 09:36

How on earth is it appropriate for a 4yo to have seen all six Star Wars films?! Are you mad! Shocking.

That asides, you can't have double standards about one film compared to another. Either you care about what your children watch and how they might be affected by it, or you don't...


sparkle12mar08 · 21/06/2013 09:40

And your 4yo has really sat through all of the LoTR films?


SuperConfused · 21/06/2013 09:45

It's reeeeally long and boring. Not at all like other superhero movies, quite a lot of time spent on the origin story so basically a drifter Clark Kent getting in bar fights. I genuinely think young kids would hate it. Can't remember how much violence, but lots of buildings crashing, extended fight scenes.... I would have been very (hmm) if I saw young children at it, tbh.


Squitten · 21/06/2013 09:47

Dunno about a 6yr old but my 4yr old just doesn't have the attention span for adult films, let alone content issues.


LittleBearPad · 21/06/2013 09:48

I wouldn't take them. For one thing sitting in a cinema is different to watching a film at home (I assume this is how Star Wars, LOTR were watched). You can't stop a film at the cinema if they get scared. It's a lot noisier and more intense than watching at home too. Tell them you'll wait until it comes out on DVD (at least).


Whatsthatnoise · 21/06/2013 09:51

It's no more violent than Star Wars but as Superconfused said it's a little boring I doubt they would enjoy it including your DH.


Vatta · 21/06/2013 09:54

I've seen it - there's a fair amount of violence, but nothing sexual and no swearing, if that helps. I think sections may be a bit overwhelming for such young kids (lots happening, very noisy, bit intense). There's a scene involving childbirth (not graphic, but would probably raise questions!).

More importantly it will honestly be very boring for your kids! There's a lot of moody origins stuff, and it's about 2 hours long.

Much better to wait for the DVD so you can watch in chunks and stop to explain things.


ChaosTrulyReigns · 21/06/2013 10:03

I think the 12A classification is a pile of crap.

I like things to be drfinitive - makes my parenting life much easier.



JamNan · 21/06/2013 10:05

(they are a fairly bloodthirsty pair)

To describe a 6 and 4 year-old as 'bloodthirsty' is really worrying. You wouldn't let them watch sex films, so why let them watch violence? It's wrong and inappropriate for children so young.


mumofweeboys · 21/06/2013 10:14

How on earth is it appropriate for a 4yo to have seen all six Star Wars films?! 

I may be wrong but havnt the starwars films been on tv before the watershed?


BarbarianMum · 21/06/2013 10:15

Lots of things are on before the watershed that aren't really suitable for 4 year olds.


sparkle12mar08 · 21/06/2013 10:18

There's plenty of stuff on pre watershed that's not suitable for 4 year olds! There is not a cat in hell's chance that I would allow my 5 and 7yo's to watch Star Wars, let alone a 4yo.


SarabiDog · 21/06/2013 10:32

How on earth is it appropriate for a 4yo to have seen all six Star Wars films?! Are you mad! Shocking.

In release order, the ratings are U, U, U, PG, PG, 12A.

If you watch them on ITV, where they're shown regularly during the afternoon, the ratings are U, U, U, PG, PG, PG - ep3 is slightly cut.

Hardly inappropriate, mad or shocking.


Sparklysilversequins · 21/06/2013 10:37

I think they're too young. I took my 10 year old and there was the odd moment that I was worried might scare him. I would not take my 6 year old though. It's not really a kids film imho.

It's very good though. His back up story leaving his birth parents and with his new parents had me with a big lump in my throat throughout those scenes.


MrsMelons · 21/06/2013 10:37

I have seen Man of Steel and I don't think there is anything inappropriate in it TBH, I thought 12A had replaced PG anyway.

I would let me similar age children watch it but it is over 2 hours long so I will get it on dvd for them I think.

Star Wars is really tame, especially the older 3, the newer ones may be a bit scarier for little ones but mine watched the 1st new one when it was released in 3D last year and the youngest was only 3, he was fine and I am actually pretty strict in general at what films they watch. I don't mind the scary ones as my DCs don't scare easily but I object to sex/real violence (not fantasy) and swearing.


MrsMelons · 21/06/2013 10:38

I can see what Sparkly is saying, the story does not necessarily lend it towards being a kids film but I think the content is ok.


MrsMelons · 21/06/2013 10:40

There was a child of about 4 or 5 at the cinema when we went - he sat through the whole thing mesmorised even though it was a 930pm showing!


sparkle12mar08 · 21/06/2013 10:44

I know exactly what the ratings are and I still would never let my children watch them currently. May be in a year or so for ds1, but no way beforehand. No way. It's the themes rather than the cinematography tbh. I just think they're inappropriate but I'm aware that not many think the same. Its cropped up on film threads before. A four year old is still a baby in so many ways, I don't think it's appropriate to introduce themes of war, torture, and abduction to a four year old.


bico · 21/06/2013 10:50

I'm taking ds (9) to see it but only after checking the content on the British Board of Film website here. It says it may contain spoilers but it is useful to evaluate whether a film is really suitable or not.

If ds was 6 or 4 I wouldn't have even bothered checking as there is no way I would take that age child to a 12A film.


SarabiDog · 21/06/2013 10:54

sparkle12mar08 that is of course totally your choice. There's no need to be judgemental of others that choose differently in showing their children an appropriately rated film for their age.


iseenodust · 21/06/2013 11:01

We decided at the weekend not to take DS age 8 as a 12 rating. But then I don't let him play computer games that are rated older either yet.


JoyMachine · 21/06/2013 11:08

Empire Strikes Back may be a 'U' cert, but it's a really dark film, and I haven't let my 4yo watch it, despite his begging, and his utter adoration of episode 4!


bico · 21/06/2013 11:15

I think the BBF website is a great resource for helping to decide. Every child is different and I find it really useful for considering whether the film is suitable for ds. I agree that some parents vary in what they permit their dcs to see/do. Someone that I considered had a similar parenting attitude to mine allowed her 7 yr old to play Grand Theft Auto. When I found out I banned ds from playing any computer games with this child.


DesperatelySeekingSedatives · 21/06/2013 11:19

5 year old DD went with her dad to see this movie on Sunday and loved it. She said it was "a tiny bit scary" when things jumped right out the screen what with it being in 3d but hasnt been majorly disturbed by it. She loved the old Superman movies and Star Wars too. It makes a refreshing change from her usual choices (bloody disney!)

You and your DH know your kids best tho. If you think they'll be too scared by it that's fair enough.

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