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To have a lip wax? And a chinny chin chin one?

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Flossyfloof · 20/06/2013 22:35

I am blonde and have very fine upper lip hair. Never been an issue but I am noticing that I can feel them sometimes, in the corner. I am of an age when things start to go a bit haywire and having examined them very closely I see that a couple are actually pointing down onto my lip rather than following the lip line round. If I have a wax won't it look funny? Don't you look all bare and then stubbly? I get a couple of bristly hairs on my chin as well. Shall I have the old chinny chin done too? What about threading? I know IABU in over-sharing but aibu to consider having these major procedures done?

OP posts:

pigsDOfly · 20/06/2013 22:45

Go for it Flossy. If I could afford it I'd have all my facial hair removed professionally (not my eyebrows of course, that would just look weird).

Does waxing grow back stubbly? If it does and you have a lot of hair off that way you're going to end up with stubble all over. Might be better to try plucking if it's only a few stray hairs; painful but fairly effective.


chirpchirp · 20/06/2013 23:22

It won't grown back stubbly if you wax/thread it. Essentially it's exactly the same as plucking. I prefer threading as it's cheaper and I find it lasts longer.

I get my top lip and eyebrows threaded every couple of months. I've got dark hair and it lightens my whole face and makes a massive difference.


Withalittlesparkle · 20/06/2013 23:33

This reply has been deleted

The OP has privacy concerns about this post and so we've agreed to take it down.

quesadilla · 20/06/2013 23:37

No, it won't grow back stubbly. I used to have my upper lip done in the days when I had disposable cash, (not that it's massively expensive.) But to be honest if you are fair it's probably not noticeable to anyone other than you so doubt it's worth it.


trashcanjunkie · 21/06/2013 00:30

thread thready thread the bloody lot off! It stings a fair bit but it's awesome afterwards! I definitely feel great when I do. Pay up and go somewhere a bit classy, it's worth it. Let us know what you think when/if you go ahead!


courgetteDOTcom · 21/06/2013 02:49

I have a patch of quite dense hair on each side of my chin. have to lose it weekly or I have fur. I've had it waxed once, cost £3 they only put the wax on the hair so it doesn't look too bad. Mine grew back in the same time as normal thoughHmm

If I'm furry I tend to get nail scissors to cut it down before plucking as I find that easier.


Knitella · 21/06/2013 05:25

Another vote for threading!

It's actually quite easy to learn how to thread your own upper lip etc. Eyebrows are much harder though! I've been threading my upper lip myself for a few years. Have a look on you tube -


Saidar · 21/06/2013 07:41

I wax my top lip, I don't think it's obvious but my face looks brighter after I've had it done.

If you don't like it, wax it. Mine doesn't grow back darker and when it does come back it's soft and fine


TempusFuckit · 21/06/2013 07:56

YABU for calling it chinny chin, unless you are either one of the three pigs or Jimmy Hill.

As for the rest, meh.


Flossyfloof · 21/06/2013 09:34

Ooh I will have a look at threading video thanks! I am sure the lip thing is not noticeable to anyone else, I use a X 8 magnifying mirror so I know it's there. I know I am lucky that it is fine and blond though. My beautician doesn't do threading I am always asking her to learn it would be fab if I could learn instead!
Thanks for your responses.
I thought it was really bad form to out someone, Fuckit. JH.

OP posts:

TempusFuckit · 21/06/2013 13:14

Haha, sorry Jimmy. Good luck with the tache Smile

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