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to not have a bronchoscopy because I'm too scared?

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ChickChickChickChicken · 20/06/2013 21:11

I've nc as I may out myself in rl and have written some personal things here.

Consultant has given me a choice of a bronchoscopy or trying long term antibiotics until one works (for a persistent cough)

He suggests the bronchoscopy.

I'm frightened.

Anyone had one? Is it as bad as it sounds? Should I bite the bullet or avoid like the plague?


OP posts:
hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 21/06/2013 14:45

She's what her consultant refers to as an a-typical asthmatic. Her blood tests indicate a 'something' (she's not been told what) though so we are waiting for a referral to an immunologist.

Good luck ChickChick

JackNoneReacher · 23/06/2013 18:54

Roshbegosh its the procedure. Not so much the pain as panicking and losing it.

JackNoneReacher · 23/06/2013 18:55

oops forgot to name change...

annoyednow · 23/06/2013 21:40

I had a branchoscopy a couple of years ago. They put a the little forked tube with oxygen in my nostrils. They sprayed something inside my throat. I cannot remember what sedation I had but I was asleep. They had to go to the lower part of lung and they took samples (washings as well maybe?). When I woke I would not have known there had been anything down my throat. No sore throat or tenderness.

usamp · 13/07/2013 05:34

Hi. it is not unreasonable to be scared. I am a nurse who had a bronch 9 months ago. Although I have seen many done, what I experienced was not what I thought. I was restrained (as protocol), nd throat numbed. A Fellow was going to do the bronch, but had to wait for the pulmonologist. This guy took over 30 minutes to get there and the numbness was starting to go away. I watched the nurse push versed and fentanyl into my IV. Here is the second part that went body hypermetabolized the medicine (it had no effect on me) and they started the bronch. Discharged for combat related injuries, I have experienced a lot of pain, but nothing like this. I started kicking the bed and trying to break the wrist restraints. My mom had to get my children away from the room (I was in ICU) because of what was happening. After bronching the left upper lobe, they stopped the bronch. After words I told the Fellow, "Lets have a talk about the Bronch". He said, "Yes , it was less than optimal". I told him that he was lucky I was restrained and that I was not the nurse assisting as I would have asked him what in the hell he thinks he is doing when clearly sedation was not working. Anyway, here I am today, and I still cant lay on my left side as it causes pain. For you, just beware things can go wrong.

Whothefuckfarted · 13/07/2013 08:30

Have it done. Be brave.

Mia4 · 13/07/2013 08:49

I've seen one happen when the patient was awake, it wasn't so pleasant for me to watch and they gagged a bit but there was no pain or fear, they were given rohypnol and didn't remember a thing after- i think i was more traumatised. If you're put out, you won't know anything about it, it'll be fine. Talk to your doctor?

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