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Eating my words.

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Kasterborous · 20/06/2013 17:36

I started a thread a month or so ago on AIBU. Moaning about waiting 50mins for GP who was running late, I had a bored toddler in tow. And yes I was being unreasonable.

On Tuesday I needed an appointment that day, nothing serious or life threatening, but I rang at 8am, got straight through and got an appointment for 9am and was in with the Doctor by 9.05. She said I needed to see the nurse too and got me in at 9.20 so not much waiting around at all. I was very impressed with them. Won't complain or moan about them again.

OP posts:

Justforlaughs · 20/06/2013 17:41

Glad to hear that you were happy, I think they do a pretty good job in general. Just very easy to moan when things don't go quite as well as we hope.


EglantinePrice · 20/06/2013 17:45

To be fair Kaster, if you regularly wait 50 minutes for a GP apt I think you've every right to moan. I also think the receptionists should mention if they're running very late when you arrive.

But sounds like they did a good job today.


JessicaBeatriceFletcher · 20/06/2013 17:46

Agree with Eglantine (LOVE the name)

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